Celestial Kirin wipes mathematically. This deck isn't high-powered, but it's random and volatile enough to be fun. It wasn't built with a budget in mind, but when the smoke cleared, it was close to $60.00, which is nice.

Re-use & Protect

Through bounce (Blood Clock and Umbilicus) - re-cast those Spirits and keep the board clear. Use regenerate (Horizon Seed), Persist (Cauldron of Souls) etc to protect your own things. You don't need a lot of board presence. It's OK to hold Spirits in hand until some targets present themselves.

Ramp & Draw

I used 0 CMC rocks like Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice to avoid nuking my own stuff. Rockeggs like Dreamstone Hedron and Mind Stone can be cracked for draws before you wipe them.

Other Removal

To mop up where the Kirin can't hit.

Other Creatures

Of varying utility and power.


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