Shining Shoal


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK) Rare

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Shining Shoal

Instant — Arcane

You may remove a white card with converted mana cost X in your hand from the game rather than pay Shining Shoal's mana cost.

The next X damage that a source of your choice would deal to you or a creature you control this turn is dealt to target creature or player instead.

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Shining Shoal Discussion

LockonHaro on Super-Budget Modern Hedron Alignment Combo

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, Shining Shoal only redirects the next X damage dealt to you or a creature you control.

Zimmers_0 on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

2 weeks ago

So I want to make another immortality deck and I was thinking of putting tribal gideon into the mix for Gideon of the Trials. Especially with the new rulings on planeswalkers. My thoughts were putting in the following cards:

Exquisite Archangel Lich's Mirror Platinum Angel Transcendence Platinum Emperion Worship Resolute Archangel Solitary Confinement so its kinda like the lich deck I have but I was thinking about making it mono white with Kytheon, Hero of Akros at the helm to keep the gideon emblem in affect.

Real question is, what should the other 90 cards be? What tactic would you run in mono white to try and become immortal? Or should I splash in and put some combos like Teferi's Protection/Render Silent + Elite Arcanist and Silence/Orim's Chant + Isochron Scepter then shove Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. Then counterspell for a good amount of the rest.


I could run solider tribal and stop combat damage with Knight-Captain of Eos and Holy Day affects. Then run anthem to boost them. Maybe a token strategy?


Throw damage back into their face kind of cards like Comeuppance/Shining Shoal/Divine Deflection/Deflecting Palm/Reflect Damage and use Stuffy Doll/Spitemare/Coalhauler Swine/Mogg Maniac with Pariah?

Or possibly hate bears? Grand Abolisher/Kataki, War's Wage and so on?

Need some ideas on how to be the best jerk that no one wants to play with lol


3 months ago

landofMordor I have never even heard of either of those two! Sunscour especially seems quite potent in this mix, Shining Shoal being a godsend in certain matchups (it being a source of your choice means even tricky to catch guys like shrouded infecters wouldn't be safe). Things like the Oath's tend to get a little clunky, I might sub some of them out; but I like the idea of keeping some aspects of them in use, even just to feed the scour later. The Shining Shoal I can see having quite a few handy moments, especially since it only takes on additional card. Thanks for the ideas! That's some I had never considered.

Gideon, Champion of Justice seems really strong, but again I worry when my opponent has no creatures, his plus seems a little weaker. Jura can have the same issue, but he grows faster. You are correct with the PW rule, one at a time, so I don't wanna cram too many; but I may adjust the amounts a little to accommodate them as mana sources. Might cut off some of the black stuff, less discard and target stuff. Fatal Push against gurmag angler feels bad anyway.

Again I am thankful for the feedback! Different perspectives helps me externalize the problem. Much appreciated.

landofMordor on GIDEON! GIDEON!

3 months ago

Gideon, Champion of Justice is extremely hard to kill. I'd have him over Jura, because you can only have one Gids out at a time (if I understand PW rules correctly) and I'd rather have the one who effectively gives you 10 more life.

Then, I might investigate discard outlets available in BW...if your PW game is going well, then discard gives you some utility from your PWs in hand, who would otherwise be dead draws. Shining Shoal, Sunscour, and others like it come to mind, too. But you'd have to find what works for you, I think.

It's a strong deck already! I take it that one of AoZ's purposes in life is to give an anthem to all your Souls? At any rate, love the idea!

smackjack on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

4 months ago

Everytime a card shoots like this i want it even more. Shining Shoal would be fun in sideboards against Emrakul decks :).

amazingdan on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

4 months ago

That Shining Shoal increase is disappointing, was hoping to build into a budget deck with that in it. It is fairly mystifying to me as well, anybody know what's up?

supermill on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

4 months ago

Anyone know what's up with Shining Shoal? Up 491% today! Source

landstalker10 on

6 months ago

I have ideas, but let me first clear up a few matters. I think I see this deck as a spell deck. You cast instant and sorcery's with permanents on the field that generate tokens and damage to the player and later swarm the opponent.

Keeping that in mind I see cards like Hanweir Garrison as a break in the deck or rather making it clunky. So with that in mind here are some other cards I would replace: Path of Bravery, Faithless Looting, Burn at the Stake.

Removal is a key part of this deck, as well as damage prevention. Shining Shoal. Consider it, and Consider Spectral Procession. 6 CMC, not 3 CMC read the rules on it. There are more options like this. Now you have the ability to card remove, have higher CMC in a lower CMC deck and fill your token needs: Sorcery/instant needs.

IF you do the above, then consider Flame Javelin. Higher removal, low casting with high CMC. Staying budget without dropping money on lands comes into play now. Guess what. Thats modern, that is standard, that is magic. Buy one awesome land from time to time when you can and be satisfied that modern lands do not lose value on the norm.

:::::Now to your question:::::

White Sun's Zenith,

(40 cents) Budget: Check.

Its an instant or socery: Check

Reusable, well it recycles so: Check

Helps against or with: Board wipes/sweeps

Lastly Terminus See all the above and think for about a budget potention 1 drop board wipe. not super budget.

Side Note: Buy Sea Gate Wreckage running one of these in modern decks will be a staple. Anyone that does not see well they do not see the value it offers decks like yours.

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