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Narset Turns for Days Pandemonium

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Anyone who's ever heard of Narset, Enlightened Master probably knows there are two main ways to play her; Superfriends or "no...its my turn (forever)". As you can probably guess from the name of this deck, I chose the latter option. The name of the game is to get your commander out as quickly as possible (around turn three or four on an average hand for this deck). Then swing as quickly and as often as possible.

I don't include too many alternate play options with this setup but I suppose you could say there's a bit of a board wipe sub-theme centered around keeping Narset out of the havoc. She's a little hard to play again when you blow up all the lands and...everything else on the board. Typical win come's around turn 7-8; but once you have your commander out turns(3-4)-(7-8) should all be your turns.

Hope you enjoy this deck. If you think it deserves a +1 then you are an angel. If not, what could I change to make it better?


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so I figured now might be a good time to start talking about how the deck runs (at least the way I play it).

Mark of Fury pairs very well with Vanishing . this way if I do have to phase out Narset I can just give her haste again as Mark of Fury will either still be on her or sent back to my hand where I can cast it again for (R)

Cards like Scroll Rack , Mystic Speculation , Brain storm, commit/memory, and Long-Term Plans allow for great deck fixing. If I have a card in my hand that I'd rather cast for free I can use Scroll Rack or Brain storm to draw some more cards and pick out what spells would be best suited for next turn.

Mystical Tutor , commit/memory, and Long-Term Plans allow me to search my deck for fun cards to play as well.

Mana Severance is there so that I don't accidentally trigger Narset's ability into four lands (what a waste that would be). I'd be careful about removing ALL of your lands though. If you need to cast your commander again you might be screwed otherwise (especially if you just wiped all the land off the board)

No Narset deck would be complete without some extra turn/combat cards so I've thrown a bunch of those in the mix as well.

Lastly, Enter the Infinite and Beacon of Tomorrows because I wanted to have at least one infinite combo.


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