I got Brago, King Eternal from an Eternal Masters pack so I'm throwing together something from whatever I have.

Naturally, the focus is on permanents with ETB effects. This deck tries to maintain control using interfering enchantments, and other tricks to prevent Brago from getting removed.

I have included clone/theft effects in order to use my opponents' threats in place of having many of my own. There are also a few things to grant extra evasion to Brago (or anything else that needs to get through for a hit).

The primary wincon is actually to slog it out and kill everybody with creatures. However, there are some combos to facilitate this:

Infinite turns: Archaeomancer + Time Warp

Infinite blinks: Brago, King Eternal + Strionic Resonator + mana rocks producing at least 2 mana.

Infinite mana A: If those rocks produce >3 mana then that is also infinite mana (for use at instant speed only).

Infinite mana B: Infinite blinks + Peregrine Drake .

Draw my deck: Infinite blinks + any of the several permanents which draw cards on ETB.

Remove everything: Infinite blinks + Spine of Ish Sah or Reality Acid .


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So I threw it together and culled it down to 100 cards.

The maybe board contains cards that I felt would be good with the deck, but weren't as good as what I kept. Do YOU agree with my choices?

Also looking for suggestions in general for tweaks. Please keep any card suggestions to less than $5 or less than $10 for a card that really really deserves a place.


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