This is my first Commander deck built without using an existing list. I pulled The Scarab God at the HOU prerelease and had to build this. It has mill strategies, lots of recursion and zombies all day long. There are sacrifice effects to protect Buggy (dying is better than exile) and a few extra ways to steal things from your opponent's graveyards.

Fun interactions:

The Xerox - Use The Scarab God 's ability to get your opponent's best creature from the graveyard. It is exiled, and you get a token copy. Use Oracle of Dust to get that creature out of exile to thier graveyard, and do it again and again, until you are out of mana!

Storm of the Will - Use Traumatize to dump half your library into the bin. Use Magus of the Will to enable casting from the graveyard, then drop Rooftop Storm and cast all your zombies from the graveyard for free. Get Diregraf Colossus out first to get a ton of counters and a token for each other zombie cast, then finish with Gray Merchant of Asphodel and drink in that black devotion.


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