Question about combat phase and card interactions

Asked by hrbj 5 years ago


i've got question about combat step and interactions between cards. Let me explain what happened today :)

It was my opponent turn. Opponent declared attackers, it was for example: Typhoid Rats. After that i declared creature to block his attack. It was Triton Shorestalker.

After that, my opponent played with Gods Willing and decided that his Typhoid Rats is protected from blue color.

1) what's going on now? Does the Typhoid Rats give me damage (as a player) and my Triton Shorestalker can't block?

2) Now i have some more additional and similar questions in my head. After i declared creatures to block - i played with Quickling and returned creature that blocks attack: Triton Shorestalker to my hand.

3) What will happen if i will answer for Gods Willing with Quickling, my Quickling will be first in stack i will return blocking creature to my hand before the Gods Willing will be executed.

I'm just wondering what will happen if i will declare blockers, then i will return them to my hand - attack goes to nowhere? or Typhoid Rats gives me damage?

nobu_the_bard says... Accepted answer #1

1> The blocking was already declared. He responded after blocking. The block isn't canceled for becoming illegal after the fact. However Typhoid Rats won't take damage from the Triton, so the combat is one-sided.

2> If you bounce a creature AFTER it is declared as a blocker, it still blocked, even if no damage is involved. The attacker would need trample to get damage through. If he has trample, he would deal full damage through however (as though blocked by a 0/0 pretty much).

If you want to prevent the creature from blocking, you must bounce it before blockers are declared. You won't know for sure if it will be used to block when you need to make this decision generally (outside of obvious choices like the opponent must block-or-die).

3> It doesn't matter if Gods Willing resolves before Quickling so long as you bounce the Triton before damage is dealt if you mean to save him. Since you declared him as a blocker before bouncing him, the Rats deal damage to nothing as they're still blocked, unless they get trample by surprise somehow.

October 28, 2014 5:08 p.m.

hrbj says... #2

Thank you for explanationnow i better understand how to play :-)

October 28, 2014 7:01 p.m.

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