Cursed Minotaur


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Cursed Minotaur

Creature — Zombie Minotaur

Menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

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Cursed Minotaur Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Worthy Minotaurs

2 weeks ago

So I don't know if this is relevant to your decisions or not but I started with this deck in mind and then tweaked the crap out of it (mostly due to the cards I had on hand) and it turned into a double tribal Zombie Minotaur deck with the intention of providing buffs to Neheb, the Eternal and Cursed Minotaur.

The end result looked nothing like your deck obviously but I just wanted to mention how well The Scorpion God played for me. I don't know your meta but mine was pretty fast at standard showdown this week. I played against Ramunap Red (which blew me out) A black white token and a Naya Dinos deck.

Scorpy was a wonderful play and finisher. Even without focusing on -1/-1 counters his ability was taking out 1 or 2 creatures a turn against these decks that like to run fast creatures and such. In the process he was drawing me mid game fuel that I otherwise would have been topdecking at that point. He's obviously less effective against creatureless or near creatureless control decks but he's easily sided out. I was also able to get him on the board the turn following a Neheb, the Eternal once and the extra mana from neheb ended up helping me wipe her board post combat :)

Scorpy doesn't fit everywhere but he is great mid/late game fuel against decks running weenies. Something you can't get a lot of in rakdos colors.

MStranger on zombies

1 month ago

Fun deck! You seem really aggressive, so I would take out expensive cards like Gravedigger, Liliana's Mastery, and Liliana, Death's Majesty in favor of some cheaper threats like additional Cursed Minotaur and Desiccated Naga. It will probably help you run smoother, as you'll more often be able to curve out properly. Also, if your curve becomes that low, you can probably cut the 23rd Swamp for an extra Skulduggery as well. Good luck!

poopiepoopiepants1 on An Eternal Army

2 months ago

I love the deck and the theme.. ZOMBIES!!!

However, I feel as if some cards that I found are quite sub-par like Sparring Mummy and maybe even the Cursed Minotaur have crept themselves into the deck leaving the great cards like Wayward Servant and Lord of the Accursed feeling left out (you only have 2 copies of each).

I would recommend taking out the two Sparring Mummys for 2 more Wayward Servant and the 2 Cursed Minotaur for 2 more Lord of the Accursed.

Also, I feel like your deck has pretty low mana costs as a whole (your average CMC is 2.83), so I would recommend taking out maybe 1 or 2 for maybe some Liliana's Mastery - I personally love this card :)

Dread Wanderer is a very strong card. I would replace the 4 Khenra Eternal's for 4 of those guys. I just think they are much better.

See how that runs.

Other cards you might want to take a closer look at are:

Binding Mummy - the tap is very nice.

Fatal Push - LIKE THE BEST BLACK REMOVAL <3. These are quite pricey, however, so maybe even Never / Return.

More Ammit Eternals - I think they are quite sweet.

Also, maybe check out if there is some card draw, but otherwise +1!

Argy on Babby's First Zombie Deck

2 months ago

Minihorror227 the deck already has Spellweaver Eternal in it.

I agree with the advice to cut back on the 3 drops, so suggesting Cursed Minotaur probably isn't going to help, unless you explain what to take out for it.

Minihorror227 on Babby's First Zombie Deck

2 months ago


First off, what type of deck are you wanting? You said you wanted to build around nicol bolas. Do you want to stay a zombie deck as well? If so, i will give you some suggestions

  • you need to drop the 3 costs down. Spellweaver Eternal is a decent 2 drop thatcan become bigger when casting noncreature spells.

  • Cursed Minotaur is good when your lords are already out. He becomes big and can already have menace without havig to tap a lord.

  • i've personally not liked The Scorpion God so my opinion on him is a but biased. That said i dont know how it would work in this deck. I would personally add in card draw effects or burn in red such as Tormenting Voice, Abrade, Magma Spray, or Shock

  • lastly, you could wait until Ixalan is released for Duress, Lightning Strike, Arguel's Blood Fast, or possibly others and turn the deck into more of a control deck

Just suggestions, i like the idea of the deck either way as i planned on building zombies awhile ago but never got around to it.

Radeint on mono black control

2 months ago

Cool Cool, Yeah I had Bontu's Last Reckoning in mind and have not sprung to purchase a set of Fatal Push but maybe i should just go for it. Just not sure if it will take me from like getting 2/2 at FNM to more 3/2 and higher spendng money on Fatal Push. But I feel it is possible.

Do you think Dread Wanderer would be just a good replacement for Night Market Lookout?

If I put Fatal Push in for Cursed Minotaur, would I want to maybe sideboard for Bontu's Last Reckoning or actually have that in the mainboard?

backinajiffy on mono black control

2 months ago

I know there's a rationale for putting in Cursed Minotaur, but that card should be replaced by something that gives more value. I've run it before - it carries no synergies and is a mana sink for a card with short-term, if any value.

SpiritKing on Black/White/Blue Zombie Deck

3 months ago

Often when you start out it might be hard to really focus on a thing in decks. What catches my eye is that you have multiple things you want to do with your creatures in your graveyard and some of them are anti-synergistic/not efficient enough with what you want the deck overall to do (as far as i can tell). You seem to want to create a critical mass of zombies and/or tokens to aggro your opponent out of the game, while getting value out of Zombie Tribal synergies and through Eternalize/Embalm by basically getting two creatures out of one card.

To that end (aggro out an opponent) you can either focus more on token creation or up the number of "Lord" effects aka cards that give a certain creature type a +1/+1-boost.

Since i presume you want to keep the Blue for The Scarab God i suggest adding some Diregraf Captain which act as Lords and further hurt your opponent for killing your creatures and some number of Liliana's Mastery to create more zombie tokens and as a +1/+1 boost on an enchantment (it's harder to remove for your opponent than a creature).

Other cards you might want are cheap aggressive creatures, preferably with some kind of evasion that makes them hard to block. I think Cursed Minotaur is an option you might want to add, others would include Binding Mummy to tap down blockers, Mummy Paramount which can grow pretty big, Tattered Mummy which works well with Diregraf Captain, Wayward Servant to gain life back and of course the good ol' Diregraf Ghoul.Also Time to Reflect is wonderful in Zombie Tribal Decks.

If you want to explore the Eternalize/Embalm road some more, Sunscourge Champion and Miasmic Mummy would be great additions, since Champion can eternalize pretty early, can gain back life and both can dump somthing with Embalm/Eternalize into your graveyard. Ghoulraiser can be pretty good here as well, since he only get's back a Zombie and leaves your Eternalize/Embalm creatures in your graveyard to use them.

Whatever direction you want to evolve this into, i's strongly suggest to get a second The Scarab God even if it is pretty expensive at the moment, but it does so much for zombie decks. Perhaps wait some more until the price drops a bit?

Other suggestions i have is to look up cards from all the Innistrad sets (the new and the old) as well as Shards of Alara cards that have Unearth.

Also, since The Scarab God can basically rebuy your creatures, everything with an "enters/leaves the battlefield" ability is especially good with him.

I hope i could help you out a bit!

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