Northern Paladin

Northern Paladin

Creature — Human Knight

, : Destroy target black permanent.

Northern Paladin Discussion

hkhssweiss on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 year ago


It's more of a control build, using Dromar as an enabler as well as a staller. Incorporating cards like Darkest Hour to change the colors of all creature to black than using Dromar's ability to bounce all creatures.

There are a couple cards that works with this synergy like:

Not to mention with the color hacking synergy you can run cards like:

It's a fun kind of cool theme, there are a lot of color hating cards in the old days, so changing the color of the board and color haxing things is pretty funny. Although you do need quite a bit of mana to work, so Esper colors do rely quite a bit of rocks.

What do you peeps think?

RazortoothMtg on Cards that Hate on Specific ...

2 years ago

I'm looking to compile a list or something of every card that specifically hates a color out. Things like Northern Paladin / Southern Paladin / Eastern Paladin / Western Paladin , Choke, Virtue's Ruin , Flashfires, Boil, Stench of Evil etc. Thanks in advance!

Eklhektik on Sacrifice Yourself For Teysa's Victory

2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion ! Unfortunately, I can't rely on Darkest Hour to be on board. In my meta, I can't expect it to stay more than two turns so keep it for a combo. So instead of Northern Paladin I'd play something like Avatar of Woe. It fits well in the removal side of this deck, i'll see if i can include something like that. Triad of Fates however I find too slow without any ways to untap it several times but the ability to either blink or draw is very nice so I'll see if I have one somewhere ;)

NV_1980 on Sacrifice Yourself For Teysa's Victory

2 years ago

Not a bad start! If you're making all creatures black with Darkest Hour, wouldn't it be fun to add Northern Paladin? Would fit well with the theme of targeted removal. Maybe Triad of Fates would be nice too for both some of your and all of your opponents' creatures (it's an excellent card for diplomacy).

Treehugger003 on (HELP) Weird old cards (Darien)

2 years ago

There are a bunch of weird old cards in white. They are not the best/most efficient but Hand of Justice is probably playable, Northern Paladin, Drought and Justice are situational but hilarious sometimes.

Bodyguard works well with things that give protection/indestructible.

I'm sure there are a bunch more but those are the ones I remember off hand.



strembl7 on Janky Racism (Color Hate)

3 years ago

Man, I know, but I had to show some restraint and not play another 5-color deck. I may actually add Invoke Prejudice to my 5C enchantress deck, though. It's annoying as hell. One thing that I am definitely going to add next revision is Mass Calcify. Great flavor.

Also, dunno about your meta, but Lifeforce is actually amazing in my playgroups. There are always at least 2 decks with black. If I can resolve Seedborn Muse with any paladins or Lifeforce or Deathgrip etc. this deck swaps from "look at the funny Northern Paladin to. "oh... shit." If I could just find a copy of Scuttlemutt...

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