Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Conflagrate deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or players.

Flashback-(Red)(Red), Discard X cards. (You may play this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then remove it from the game.)

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Conflagrate Discussion

Lumek on Monoblack devotion

1 month ago

Report from last FNM, went 2:1:
Match 1 against dredge: First game was fast and i did almost nothing. Second game was much better thanks to sideboarding. I managed to remove some important stuff with Tormod's Crypt and buy some time, land Night of Souls' Betrayal shutting down Bloodghast and Narcomoeba. But still Prized Amalgam and Conflagrate was enough to kill me. I desperately needed some other graveyard removal. But Bojuka Bog didn't show up at all and i died with Nihil Spellbomb sitting on the top of my library.
Match 2 against another dredge: First game was straightforward, i bought some time thanks to Gifted Aetherborn, but that was all, no Bojuka Bog, my only chance to win before sideboarding. Second game i won because of board sweeper followed up by graveyard removal, Mutilate and Nihil Spellbomb. Used Bojuka Bog and lifelink before it to buy some time. Game was very long, in the end i had a lot of swamps and Lashwrithe was really powerfull and attached to lifelink creature the game was over. I survived the thanks to Arguel's Blood Fast. Draw cards at the end of opponent's turn and immediately transform on your upkeep, than attach Lashwrithe to anything and job is done. Third game was similar to second, lifegain to stay in game long enough to wreck opponent's graveyard and win because of extremely powerfull Lashwrithe.
Match 3 against storm: Opponent began. I discarded two cards from opponent's hand on turn 1 and turn 2. On turn 4 i was on healthy 27 lifes. Next i was killed by 29 Grapeshots :). Before sideboard discard is my only chance, but still i'm weak against combo. Second game after sideboarding: turn 3 Lost Legacy on Grapeshot with Night of Souls' Betrayal in hand. On his turn 3 with Baral, Chief of Compliance he made something like 100 goblins thanks to Empty the Warrens. On my next turn i landed Night of Souls' Betrayal (he had no open mana, so it was safe) and scooped. Game 3 was very similar to game 2, but no so fast. There were two turns, where i was just hoping (Lost Legacy was Remanded), but once i exiled all his grapeshots and had sweeper in hand i was calm.

Notes: Victim of Night is good budget removal for monoblack, but useless against dredge (Prized Amalgam and Bloodghast). Discard also useless against dredge, so before sideboarding i have almost no chance to win.Against storm, sideboard out all spot removal and let them cast Baral, Chief of Compliance or Goblin Electromancer and handle their wincons. They have usually one before sideboard but two after sideboard. Remember Empty the Warrens! But Empty the Warrens can be handled on sorcery speed on your turn, so have all sweepers in your deck. Be careful of Remand . Lashwrithe scales really good as game goes on. Great synergy with Arguel's Blood Fast and Rite of Consumption. In one game with 7 mana i played Abyssal Persecutor attached Lashwrithe for 2 mana and 2 lifes and immediatelly sac it to Rite of Consumption. 26 lifes swing in total:)

n0bunga on Tibalt's dredge

2 months ago

Highly disagree regarding Burning Inquiry; it absolutely should be here. Forcing an opponent to discard at random can be brutal, especially when in theory you aren't to worry about what you discard.

A few suggestions though: I've a similar deck:

  • That Demigod does have no place here, as JeskaiM4n said. I've found the Dredge outlet with Scourge Devil to be far more impactful, especially when stacked with all the creatures that are being reanimated. You do need to keep in mind that this is Dredge at the end of the day, with the cute interactions of Tibalt and Burning Inquiry. There's a reason why Dredge doesn't play them, but that doesn't mean there should be a reason why we don't run Dredge staples.

  • Conflagrate just is devastating here. You can cast it where X is 0, then just pitch your hand for the flashback. Also has far more synergy than a regular Bolt.

  • Thoughtseize and Inquisition are definitely powerful cards, but please don't use those to target yourself. Those are the worst applications of those cards especially when you'd be taking damage from Thoughtseize just to discard. You may as well run One with Nothing at this point. I would reserve those to sideboard slots since you do want to extract whatever your opponent may have sided in against GY based decks.

  • You genuinely are better off using Faithless Looting Cathartic Reunion and Lightning Axe as they all encourage your discarding of what you want to bring back.

Take a look at my list if you'd like!

MRDOOM3 on What if...I get help?

4 months ago

Have you considered Lupine Prototype? Then again, I'm not completely sure as to how effectively your hand gets emptied with this deck.

Avatar of Discord is a nice beater as well, and he allows you to dump 2 cards.

Rakdos Augermage, Collective Brutality, Conflagrate, and maybe Jagged Poppet seem like nice additions as well.

xyr0s on

5 months ago

Looked at it again... the nonergies just keep piling up. It's like this deck has half of the tricks, 10 other decks have (meant as it only has half of a trick/synergy); dredge has a trick with filling its graveyard, and then have creatures that trigger at string of reanimates. This deck just fills its graveyard. It also uses Thought Scour to fill the graveyard, like grixis. But it doesn't have Snapcaster Mage to take advantage of the great selection of cards in yard. It also plays all the enable/removal cards of traditional jund midrange, but no Tarmogoyf. Plays Vengevine but doesn't have enough small creatures to get it attack before turn 4 (if it isn't exiled from the GY before then). Plays red, but no Lightning Bolt (or Conflagrate for dredge).

My guess is, that it's an attempt at being all these decks at once - to be able to win like a midrange GB/x deck, a dredge deck, a grixis deaths shadow deck, or like that vengevine thing, that was fashionable a couple of years ago, or maybe as a control deck with sweepers, few but big wincons and card advantage. And it makes me wonder: So, where is the Aether Vial + Flickerwisp of death-and-taxes fame? it's defintely missing. You could also add one of each tron-land and a Karn Liberated, just for variety. It'll be great. The best deck. All the power of the best modern decks, in one 60card package.

ok, enough with the sarcasm. Anyway, the point I'm trying to exaggerate my way to here, is that you need so much more focus. If you suddenly discovered that the rest of each of these decks is horribly expensive, pick something doable on a smaller budget (and yes, something with goyf and liliana is always going to be expensive, and there are no really real substitutes). Otherwise, pick a decktype and start from that.

Tamashi_No_Yami on Worst. Burn Deck. Ever.

5 months ago

Conflagrate would work wonders for this deck!

wzxc on 5 Colour dredge reanimator control

6 months ago

Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated; I really wasn't sure if anyone would take my 5 colour, graveyard-centric, control/reanimation deck seriously :D - due to the fact that it pretty much scoops to most graveyard hate and blood moon; which are both very frequently played in the format.

Anyway... Back to the topic at hand: Sundering Titan seems like a really cool card to reanimate as early as turn 4, and it can do a very good job at handicapping our opponents mana base and it is also somewhat effective at beating down the opponent. However, the main problem with it that I find is that it HAS to hit a land of each basic land type - meaning that if our opponents aren't running 5 colours as well, then we almost certainly are going to have to destroy a bunch of our own lands too; this is especially devastating if we are against mono colour deck (in which case we will be destroying a bunch of our lands and only one of theirs) and it can also be really annoying if they aren't running many lands with the actual basic land types (e.g man lands, tron lands, fast lands and etc). Because of this I feel that sundering titan will just be more trouble than it's worth for this deck, especially since Griselbrand already does a really good job at what it does (by having flying (to give it some very useful evasion), by having lifelink (which can allow us to stay alive and get out of sticky situations) and by having one of the most broken abilities on any creature (as paying life to draw cards can bury your opponents under so much card advantage, that in most cases they won't be able beat you - along with this there is also the nice little combo of drawing a bunch of cards with Griselbrand and then discarding them to a Conflagrate to easily one shot your opponent regardless of the boardstate)). Also, Iona, Shield of Emeria kind of already does what you were trying to do with Sundering Titan, as she locks your opponents of playing any spells with a chosen colour in them - this can auto win the game against mono colour decks if it resolves.

Also, I have thought about adding Thought Scour, but I just prefer Dream Twist in most situations for this deck; as all of the cards in this deck are either able to be used from the graveyard, or there are other cards that can get them from the graveyard into your hand or the battlefield; because of the fact that this deck is very capable of using cards in it's graveyard, and in is very desperate to mill it's self, I think that the added value that the flashback ability that Dream Twist has gives it a nice advantage over Thought Scour, as it can give it an extra use and it can allow it to be used if it is milled (which Thought Scour can't) - along with this, having a card in your graveyard for this deck can quite often be better than being in your hand (e.g the reanimation targets or the dredgers), so the fact that Dream Twist mills 3, rather than mills 2 and drawing 1 can sometimes be quite relevant.

One final thing, sorry this reply is so long (;D), the inclusion of Purify the Grave in the sideboard was kind of a gimmick, as I wanted to carry on the theme of every card being useful in the graveyard and your hand (as in nearly every other self mill deck I have made, it can be very irritating if you accidentally mill a card that you cannot use or get back from the grave and it can really complicate your gameplan when you want to dredge, but you also really want to draw a particular card that you don't want to accidentally mill). Also, quite a few of the other graveyard hate cards are symetrical, so even if I were to include Rest in Peace or the other such cards, it would hurt me just as much as my opponent; but if this deck ever end up being a real, competetively viable thing, I may ends up using some such cards, as I am not 100% sure if Purify the Grave can really cut it in the competetive scene.

Aethos on Splendid Grave Assault

6 months ago

Thanks a lot for your input! I know the sideboard is a mess :D I just put in some standard stuff, because I didn't think the deck was very close to being functional D:

I think you're right with Raven's Crime, that's way better here. I also agree with Kozilek, he was quite awkward most of the games I had him in hand. The first thing I realized when playing the deck was, that I killed myself way to fast with all the fetches and shocks + Wraith I had in there, so I will certainly try it without him.

I had Conflagrate in the deck at first, I will give it another shot.

What do you think about increasing the land count? I feel like with 4 seismic assault, raven's crime, all the loot, I might want some more.

Kuubudaraa on Splendid Grave Assault

6 months ago

Definitely like the idea you have going here, I've been brewing around Splendid Reclamation with Seismic Assault as well.

Some things I'll point out is that while Inquisition of Kozilek seems good on paper, targeted discard like this is actually very poor in these types of decks, and is better in the sideboard. I'd go more for something that synergizes with what you're actually trying to do, like Raven's Crime which discards well to Faithless and Cathartic and still pitches lands to work with Reclamation and Loam.

I understand why Kozilek is there and I don't really see any purpose to including him, having to shuffle back in your graveyard can be extremely awkward and he will be a terrible dead draw besides the one time where you Splendid Rec'd a ton of lands back and still haven't yet killed your opponent with Valakut, so I'd consider cutting him.

Street Wraith is another questionable inclusion. It obviously goes well with Shadow of the Grave but the only other real synergy it has is with being able to dredge a little quicker with Loam and Salvage, which is notable but how much does it really help your gameplan? This style of deck usually has trouble with taking damage from it's lands due to heavy mana requirements (mostly because of Seismic Assault wanting triple R) and therefore will struggle against quick clocks, where Street Wraith's cycling ability will be incredibly painful. It might still be worth including however.

Even though I know you want the deck to be creatureless, The Gitrog Monster might be something to consider, as it produces a combo with Dakmor Salvage and Seismic Assault to dump your whole deck into your graveyard while killing your opponent with shock triggers, and isn't unreasonably castable.

Conflagrate seems great here as well as mostly a way to control the board and prevent fast creature spam decks like Elves and Vizier Company from overrunning you early, plus something like Loam into Conflagrate into Shadows of the Past buying back everything you just pitched sounds like a backbreaking play and very powerful.

I'd heavily recommend Collective Brutality somewhere in your 75, the card is always relevant and goes even better when you want to be pitching stuff.

I'd also recommend replacing the Relics in your sideboard with Leyline of the Void, since Relics could actually hurt your gameplan.

Some fun cards to consider if you're into experimenting would be: Mystic Retrieval to buyback Rec's and SotP, Trade Routes, Commune with the Gods, Realms Uncharted.

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