Abandoned Sarcophagus


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Rare

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Abandoned Sarcophagus


You may cast nonland cards with cycling from your graveyard.

If a card with cycling would be put into your graveyard from anywhere and it wasn't cycled, exile it instead.

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Abandoned Sarcophagus Discussion

Jaytotheareokay on UB Ifnir Cycle

3 hours ago

New Perspectives and Abandoned Sarcophagus would be nice here as well.

cyclinggamer on -1/-1 counter with cycling

1 day ago

I'm still working the kinks out.

This version is supposed to work well against creature heavy decks, and still is pretty mean for controlling types.

Today, for Hour of Devastation showdown, I went 1-1-1. Lost 0-2 to temur energy, pulled out my more refined bw zombie deck, still lost, but zombies made a fight of it.

Round two, temur energy again, went 1-1-1, first game I was crushed by energy gain, sluggish slow creatures cycling in late, struggling to get land. Game two I side boarded in hand hate and board wipes, changing out Fatal Push and one each of my large spells. Abandoned Sarcophagus did wonderful work letting me cast cards from my graveyard to my opponent's frustration. Traded blows, and eventually beat him to the kill. Game three, we just ran out of time (to be honest, he was likely going to win if we'd time to finish).

Round three, played a newb running green monsters. Game one, she was mana screwed, and I ran over her, t6 win. Game two, she got mana, but my deck did exactly as designed. I say she was a newb because I asked how many lands she had in her deck, she was about 6 lands too few.

Temur energy needs creature removal, and fatal push swings too low to hit most. Kefnet's Last Word, perhaps?

cyclinggamer on Deserts for Dessert

3 days ago

Archfiend of Ifnir looks like he is just sitting there as a big 5/4 flier instead of a cycling and discard beast that he is. You could replace him with more land specific to your deck needs. I'd look to graveyard protection cards like Perpetual Timepiece, sms have the archfiend come in SB with a package of cycling specific spells, to replace your dessert hate of The Gitrog Monster and Ramunap Excavator package.

Abandoned Sarcophagus works great to cast cycled spells from your graveyard.

cyclinggamer on -1/-1 counter with cycling

4 days ago

Nest of Scarabs slows down this deck. This deck wants to cycle to the win con of Archfiend of Ifnir, then continue to cycle through to shrink enemies down to manageable size, killing any and all weenies by strangulation to -1/-1 counters. Cast spells from hand and cycle cards into graveyard, then cast them from the graveyard when Abandoned Sarcophagus hits the board. Perpetual Timepiece, Abandoned Sarcophagus, and Shadow of the Grave to protect against graveyard haters out there, which there surely will be, along with all the super fast mill decks.

Staple of this deck is graveyard, archfiend of ifnir, and abandoned sarcophagus, but all the others are fun threats to throw in someone's face.

Quick fact: Torment of Hailfire works much better AFTER cycling and killing off the opponent's creature board state. It's so fun to play though, it usually burns a mana hole in my hand so that I play it first. I imagine it being much more fun to play after cycling 3-4 -1/-1 counters on all opponent's creatures.

noodr on Everything WILL come back...AND MORE

4 days ago

Check out Abandoned Sarcophagus. Maybe just 1 or 2 copies as it gives even more relevance to your graveyard. Sweet build! +1 from me :)

Murphy77 on No Creature Mill to Kill

4 days ago

Ipnu Rivulet has the potential to generate a lot of mill. Desert of the Mindful and Dunes of the Dead in place of Island is probably a good idea. With these lands in your deck - Mirrorpool to copy your Startled Awake. With this land base, you will want to lose Abandoned Sarcophagus.

Hieroglyphic Illumination may just be a bit expensive in terms of mana and becomes more of a mid to late game card, while you want your deck to win before turn 7. I tend to play Anticipate in a deck like this, but that is largely personal preference.

Startled Awake + Mirrorpool with 2 Fraying Sanity = 104 cards milled. Compelling Argument + Mirrorpool + Ipnu Rivulet with 2 Fraying Sanity = 56 cards milled, etc. There are a number of combinations that can win the game in a single turn - why not have the cards that can be used in these combinations?

Possibly Mirage Mirror to copy a Fraying Sanity

cyclinggamer on -1/-1 counter with cycling

5 days ago

Smileykid1, take a look at this deck. This is the one I told you about.

Two defenses against mill: Abandoned Sarcophagus and Perpetual Timepiece, creature defense of Inverter of Truth, but there's an awful lot of graveyard hate that could kill me with Inverter of Truth: there's several ways to exile the graveyard that would leave me with nothing.

I'm thinking of building a mill deck just to see what the effects would be. I think it might work week one of hour of devastation, but then everyone will look to build more efficient decks or decks with mill protection.

cyclinggamer on This deck might net you -1 friends

6 days ago

You might look for replaying lands with SBing Ramunap Excavator. So, your cycling / discard outlet is your cycling lands and Merciless Javelineer, but you are sacking your deserts to do things to your opponents. Think about Dunes of the Dead, which, when sacked grant you a 2/2 zombie, while you're sacking it.

Replace my earlier suggestion of putting in the Abandoned Sarcophagus with Ramunap Excavator. Why? Because you're sacking lands and you can continuously do so, all while keeping your other threats going to your opponent's face.

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