Abandoned Sarcophagus


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Abandoned Sarcophagus


You may cast nonland cards with cycling from your graveyard.

If a card with cycling would be put into your graveyard from anywhere and it wasn't cycled, exile it instead.

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Abandoned Sarcophagus Discussion

DayDreamer147 on Blue/Green Midrange

2 days ago

I recommend:

Getting 4x Botanical Sanctum Having dual land when you can is always nice and take out two of each other land.

4x Drover of the Mighty over Druid of the Cowl because if gives you both access to both of your colors. And on the plus it gets bigger when your get your big creatures out.

4x Carnage Tyrant over the 2x Sifter Wurm and 2x Striped Riverwinder. The Tyrant is just a better big guy verses the other two and youll find that the more you have of one type of card the more often youll draw that card.

2x more Beneath the Sands over the 2xTraveler's Amulet because paying 3 to put it on the field while still being a able to play another land for that turn is better than paying 2 mana just to put it into your hand which then you would still only have the ability to play one land that turn.

2x Spell Pierce over the 2x Unsummon because its actually gets rid of spells that might counter your creatures or kill them. And returning a creature to there owners hand only delays the inevitable.

Scrap the 2x Abandoned Sarcophagus because you don't need it if a majority of your spells don't have cycle and gives room for 4x Opt because card advantage is always good.

So I realize everything I just said might seem really confusing especially if your new so don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them.

On the down side a majority of the cards I just recommended dont come out until 29th so you have to wait. Also some are a bit pricey and idk your budget so if want ideas of what there is you can look at http://mythicspoiler.com/ixa/index.html to get an idea.

I hope this helps!!!!

maxon on don't do crack

1 month ago

I don't really buy packs anymore, but once in a while, when I'm getting groceries I'll grab a pack to crack. Of course I pulled an Abandoned Sarcophagus . Worth pennies. Suddenly, I remember why I don't open packs anymore. Poop.

They say misery loves company, so what was a disappointing pull you've had recently?

Neotrup on If you cycle a card ...

1 month ago

If you cast any instant or sorcery with cycling, whether from hand, graveyard, or exile, it will be exiled on resolution due to the effect of Abandoned Sarcophagus. The same is true for a permanent with cycling being destroyed or a spell with cycling being countered.

Neotrup on If you cycle a card ...

1 month ago

It's not just a change to the oracle text, it was an update to the comprehensive rules with Shadows over Innistrad. You are correct that when you discard Ichor Slick to cycling you always exile it now, and on resolution of it's madness triggered ability if you don't cast it you will attempt to put it into the graveyard from exile, but with Abandoned Sarcophagus will instead exile it. This is one of the cases of exiling an exiled card.

Yesterday on If you cycle a card ...

1 month ago

If you have an Abandoned Sarcophagus on your side of the field and cycle an Ichor Slick (considering the new oracle text for madness cards is that you discard them into exile and then they go into the graveyard afterwards) if you chose not to cast the spell for its madness cost and it would ordinarily then go into your graveyard, does it instead go into exile?

I'm asking because Ichor Slick would enter from exile instead of just entering the graveyard by being cycled from hand. Obviously Abandoned Sarcophagus refers to cards that are being cycled as the cause of the effect that puts them into the graveyard, and not just cards that have been cycled at some point, otherwise you could cycle a Miscalculation into your graveyard with Abandoned Sarcophagus on the field and then repeatedly cast it from the graveyard because it 'was cycled'.

Thanks in advance.

Yesterday on Countering spells from graveyard

1 month ago

@Neotrup: "Often spell cast from grave (such as with [Aftermath or Flashback]) will be exiled when countered instead of going to the grave (or another zone), but it can vary based on what allowed the spell to be cast."

Do you mean they'll be exiled on resolution? What spells are there that become exiled when countered just because they were cast from a graveyard (and not because they were exiled as a result of Deny Existence or Abandoned Sarcophagus or something)?

ExtraEasy on Drakes, insects, burning and control

1 month ago

Okay, played 2 games this arvo. The first was vs White Red humans and I was pretty resoundingly hammered 0-2. I didnt get a good start in either game and once you are behind with this deck you are dun goofed. Ill need to mulligan more aggressively against this deck. Really gotta have a few counters in that opening hand- Grasp of Darkness is to slow (great for later in the game) but the 2b is unrealistic with all my tapped mana. Nearly won the second when Sweltering Suns wiped the board but i didnt have any cycling cards to activate my haven though there was a turn where i thought i might get ontop.

Second match was vs Oketra white tokens with anointed procession. I smaaaashed this twice 2-0. It was brutal. In both rounds it went pretty perfectly- I had the draw (disallow, censor, negate) to slow him down and got a Drake Haven out around turn 4-5ish. In the first game he had his board looking fairly resolved 2 x Anointed Procession, 2 x Anointer Priest and an Oketra the True... Hed managed to get up to 42 health with a huge dump of tokens and clearly thought he had the game won. I pulled an Abandoned Sarcophagus cast Archfiend of Ifnir from the GY and the next turn cycled 3 times and wipe the board... not to mention having 3 new drakes. He tried to hang around but 6 or 7 turns of cycling available from the GY gives you all the counters. I dont think he cast another spell in the game and watched his 42 health quickly disappear...

In the 2nd round he was looking set up again around turn 6-7 with a heap of tokens on the board and was a turn away from doing some serious damage but hadnt done to much yet (18 v 24 or something). I got my locust god out and managed to stay alive with a few locusts stalling. Chandra, Flamecaller popped into my hand. I rarely use her 3rd ability (x damage to all creatures) but a -3 is pretty cool with mr locust god. I had the board wiped and the ability to recovered very quickly. This one closed out quickly after that.

So its not a perfect deck: red, blue, black i think puts me behind the 8 ball but after today i love the chandra, the drake haven and the archfiend and it was a heap of fun to play. Have taken Faith of the Devoted into the sideboard and moved another Sweltering Suns and Hieroglyphic Illumination in but id like to be able to find room for 2 Unlicensed Disintegration... I just cant see where to cut at the moment-maybe a curator and an illumination? Also was pretty impressed with Collective Brutality's ability to keep ticking opponents creatures down.

Zooby9 on You Remember That Censor I Cycled...

1 month ago

Calibus101 - I used to have this deck as BU, but I ended up adding white because I found I was having trouble with artifacts and enchantments. I feel like New Perspectives isn't actually that helpful because it's hard to keep 7 cards in hand, and sure it may let me cycle one or two things for free, but I don't think it's worth it. Hollow One is an amazing cycling card and should be at least a 3 of in every cycling deck because if your deck is efficient enough you can play him for free. There have been many games when I have cycled away 3 of them and then play Abandoned Sarcophagus, cycle a few things, and cast 3 of them from my graveyard for free it's amazing. Striped Riverwinder does cycle for cheap, but the card itself is pretty bad. A 5/5 for 7 is really bad to start and adding hexproof still really doesn't make it worth it.

Thank you for your comment though I appreciate the input!

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