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A powerful (but not focused to be competitive) semi-casual deck that features the tremendous value-gainer Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign! No need of big Eldrazi Titans. Built to enjoy a less competitive magic game with friends.

Everything has an Odd CMC so we can get instant value from our spells. Even the must haves: "Destroy artifact or Enchantment" cost 3 but they also do something else (Scry 1 for example in Expose to Daylight). Just one more mana shouldn't be much of a hindrance, when we have a chance to cast it for completely free!
Exceptions are: Swiftfoot Boots , Lightning Greaves and Gift of Estates for good reasons.

Key when you are playing Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign: You can put "entwine" and "kicker" cards in the deck and cast them from the top of the library by only paying the entwine/kicker cost. When you attack with this commander, if you reveal an odd cmc card that has an "additinal cost" ("entwine" and "kicker" are additional costs) you can cast it for free, plus paying normally for any additional costs. Then, you will have the full -kicked- effect! I have made space for two cards I liked that have this: Kaya's Guile and Sphinx of Lost Truths (pay 1U = draw 3!)

Cavalier of Gales is just... beautiful here. Moreover, with Spined Megalodon and Prognostic Sphinx you can stack the triggers so the Scry resolves first and get the most value out of Yennett.

Drogskol Reaver and Windbrisk Raptor are totally out-of-flavour / focus, I know. But in my full-creature-based playgroup, I NEED them to stay alive! Windbrisk Raptor can gain lots of life if you have 3 or 4 creatures out and Drogskol Reaver can draw you a couple of extra cards while also keeping you alive.

I've also put a couple of instant protection spells (Gods Willing and Sheltering Light), because we are relying a lot on the Commander (but we can still win without her, with all those big Angels, Sphinxes and Demons)

Lastly, Scheming Symmetry is a must-have in this deck!!! you can main phase cast it to put an In Garruk's Wake on top for example, to wipe your enemies' boards! And can even have a political use, if you don't have a sweeper and another player is about to multi-kill all of you, you can give that next player the ability to draw his own sweeper and save you all.

Scheming Symmetry is certainly more casual than the all-stars Enlightened Tutor and Mystical Tutor (because it helps an opponent too). These two are not in the deck, in order for it to not be too powerful for my playgroup. But you should definitely run them if you want a more optimized deck (you can find Champion's Helm for protection, Brilliant Ultimatum for ultra value, or find any of the sweepers).


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