Goofy Xantcha voltron deck, meant to be fun and casual. I'm not a huge fan of the discard route that most people seem to take with this commander, and this seems like a fun alternative approach.

Basic game plan is to play Xantcha as quickly as possible, slap a few auras down, and then sit back and watch most of your opponents gradually die to commander damage before finishing off the last player with Xantcha's activated ability. Ideally you don't want to throw too many auras on at once, since we have no way to grant hexproof/shroud, which leaves things wide open for removal. I've tried to keep as many of the auras as possible on the lower end of the curve so as to be able to both play a couple in quick succession whenever it seems prudent, and to limit the feel-bads that will come from Xantcha inevitably dying multiple times per game. On that note, a couple of key auras are the ones that grant repeatable regeneration, more or less the best way to keep Xantcha around through removal and/or sweepers given our options in B/R.

I've found the real challenge with tweaking this deck so far to be balancing the auras we want to play (there are so many good ones that are old, goofy, and cheap, both mana- and dollar-wise!), with the necessary suite of board wipes, removal, and artifact ramp, not to mention trying to include as many defensive/deterrent creatures as possible to hopefully survive enough combat steps to keep Xantcha in play and watch our opponents furrow their brows at all of our usually unplayable cards, something I absolutely love about building oddball decks like this.

I really can't emphasize enough that this is a CASUAL deck, meant to be fun and entertaining at the expense of power and competitiveness. I don't expect to win a ton of games with this deck, but I do look forward to playing some cards that few people have ever heard of, and approaching the game from a fairly unusual angle. Any comments/suggestions are welcome!


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