My Enchantment voltron deck. Its one if the decks I am the most proud if that I have brewed up. Its tuned to my preferences; its Responsive, devastating, political and it can come back after being devastated.

This is enchantment voltron so its pretty obvious how it should be played.

However I will break down the deck into several categories: . . . (outdated) . . .

Ramp: Skyshrouds claim, Farseek, natures lore, arcane signet, sol ring, song of the dryads, smothering tithe, estrids invocation.

Protection: swansong, negate, counterspell, dispell, flickering ward, shielding plax, canopy cover, shielded by faith, Spirit Link, Unquestioned authority, Eiganjo Castle, Assault Suit, Dueling grounds, Shalai.

Removal: Cyclonic Rift, Winds of Rath, austere command, swords to plowshares, song of the dryads, reprobation, reclaimation sage, oblivion ring, kenrith's transformation, Kasminas transmutation, imprisoned in the moon, frogify, estrid's invocation, darksteel mutation.

Card draw: rhystic study, satyr enchanter, argothian enchantress, mesa enchantress, kor spirit dancer, shram, Eilodon of Blossoms,Sage's Reverie, verduran enchantress, Enchantress's Presence, Tuvasa.


Recursion: auramancer, creeping renaissance, Retether, Hall of Heliod's Generosity

Politics: Assault Suit, Eiganjo Castle, Minamo school on waters edge, Dueling Grounds, Spirit Link


Updates Add

Got around to obtaining a mirri's guile and a Dryad of illysian grove.

Decided to remove sol ring and arcane signet as well as winds of rath (deck doesnt need to wipe to win at all and doesnt care if you have blockers).

Added in mirri's guile and dryad if illysian grove as well as a Mystical tutor to help save my ass.


Also took out creeping renaissance for privledged position, creeping doesnt benefit me much other than getting stuff back to hand, and then i gotta spend more mana or potentially discard by thr end of my turn. Removed oblivion ring for Noxious Revival. Would help to regain a replenish or another card. Oblivion ring doesnt shut down someones commander for too long so its probably best to remove it.


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