This is my take on Teysa Karlov . I tried to make this deck mostly diffrent from the typical Orzhov aristocrats strategies. So the main goal of the deck is to play Treasure Keeper as often as possible. The deck will still function without that. To achieve that goal this list employs most of the artifact recursion creatures like Scrap Trawler , Myr Retriever , Workshop Assistant and even Scarecrone . Along the way this deck aims to slowdown it's opponets with effects like Cursed Totem and Ethersworn Canonist . The end of all of this will either be slowly draining opponets with Corpse Knight and others while generating value or to infinitly loop Treasure Keeper with Ashnod's Altar , Scrap Trawler , Myr Moonvessel and Myr Retriever with Teysa on the battlefield to cast most of the deck for free.

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