This is your game and you're just letting them play it (maybe). With this deck- you can act like the fickle god you are, while actually having the cardboard to back it up!

Change the World!

The main strategy is to control the board- literally. Every good god needs followers, and fortunately every monster on the field are yours to lead! After you "convert" your opponent's creatures through cards like Mob Rule, Grab the Reins, Yasova Dragonclaw, and more- you can do whatever you want with them, including sacrificing them and of course, excommunicate (exile) them. Whether you're an aspiring cult leader or truly divine-- you're ability to steal control at a moment's notice is sure to earn you a few followers of your own!

Control the World!

Do you want to a benevolent god? Malevolent? Both? No matter your preference, now's your golden opportunity! Through generic grouphug enchantments, actively using counters to buff creatures, or simply donating various commanders (not yours); your table is sure to keep you around long enough to set up your own field. In the unlikely event that there are some non-believers, however, you're still covered! You'll generally have access to some counter spells and/or enough damage to stop any potential threats.

Have Fun!

Some people want to watch the World burn, and unfortunately for the table, you're one of them. Sending commanders back to the wrong players, negating key combo pieces, and generally playing the political game is sure to cause some chaos. But as the table's trying to figure out what happens- you can step back, relax, and be sure to revel in your own degeneracy. You've earned it.

Side notes

The whole deck (especially the land base/ramp) is still a huge work in progress, so I'd really appreciate any advice you can give. I'm trying to keep it as a "relatively" budget deck, but I'd happily look into cards that can significantly help with the strategy. Stay safe!

tl;dr Your opponents are sinners in the hands of a reveling god- YOU!


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