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Over Easy: Atla Tribal Egg Combo

Commander / EDH* RGW (Naya) RGWU


Welcome to Over Easy : The Tribal Egg Combo Deck

We have creature who are actually eggs such as Rukh Egg , creatures with changeling that count as eggs, creatures who become whatever creature type we want such as Adaptive Automaton and abilities that give non-eggs changeling such as Mirror Entity .

When this deck goes off it:

  • Puts all creatures from your hand, graveyard, and library onto the battlefield.

  • Gains Infinite Life

  • Puts infinite tokens into play.

  • Gives all creatures haste.

  • Does whatever the particular sac outlet does (infinite mana, mill entire library, you and creatures immune to damage, Infinite Power to Atla etc...)

We accomplish all these things by having our commander Atla Palani, Nest Tender out with a sac outlet and an egg creature. We sac our egg creature for another egg creature and another etc until we run into either Karmic Guide or Angel of Glory's Rise , and a changeling with "Champion a creature" ability. When we get there, we will champion one or both of the angels and return the champion to play infinitely, causing infinite Atla Palani, Nest Tender triggers and swinging for the win.

This usually happens turn 4 or 5.

Dealing with Angel of Glory's Rise

When Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, it is imperative to respond by sacking any shapechangers that are currently out or they will be exiled. They will be brought back right away. Angel of Glory's Rise will not bring back non-shapeshifter eggs. To do this, once we have all creatures out, we will champion Angel of Glory's Rise and Karmic Guide . Sac the champion on Karmic Guide to get a non-shapeshifter and the champion on Angel of Glory's Rise to get back the shapeshifters. Rinse and repeat. This is also how you end up with infinite tokens by repeatedly sacing cards like card:ruhk egg. Sacing Summoner's Egg will bring out all creature from your hand.


Haste is given when Samut, Voice of Dissent hits play. Very rarely will Samut actually ruin the combo, since you could avoid that by

As you can see the odds are against the combo failing.


Infinite Life is gained simply by Webweaver Changeling entering infinitely.

Protecting Atla

Atla is key to our strategy, so we have both equipment boots, and possibly championing her until you want to go off. We also have enough ramp to recast her a couple times and Command Beacon .


There are a lot of cards that can rain on our parade here so we have a decent suite of permanent removal. You should particularly aim for creature-hate cards and graveyard-hate cards

Well, this is the first deck I've ever posted. What do you think? please post comments and suggestions below and be sure to upvote if you like it!


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