I finally decided to make myself a somewhat affordable EDH deck, using the cards I had on hand and certain other cards below a $5 threshold. I like Ghave, Guru of Spores as a nifty utility commander, enabling value and driving the engine of progress. I don't overly enjoy the aristocrats' style of decks so I decided to go for a utility Abzan counter-based token deck, where I would overwhelm my opponents with power and numbers.

I also figured a small landfall theme would be a nice little twist, and after some games, it has been quite enjoyable when it works, and decently consistent otherwise.

I am looking for feedback and advice to touch up any obvious problems I'm not seeing yet, I am actively playing with this deck and adjusting it as games continue. I welcome all advice, however, any additions would preferably be at most $10.

I hope to keep this deck around a focused mid-tier, hence the lower card budget.


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