I recently discovered the power of Nadier while building token decks that benefitted from Nadier's Nightblade. As it turns out, Nadier can go infinite with Food Chain! The goal of the deck is not necessarily to combo off but it certainly can get there in a plethora of ways. The obvious win con is Nadier + Food Chain + Nadier's Nightblade or Mirkwood Bats. You could also just grant haste to the team and swing out. In addition, you can cast Nadier infinitely with the Phyrexian Altar. If you just sac the tokens it creates before you sac the Nadier, it will create an additional three mana each time which stays ahead of the commander tax. This will require at least enough tokens plus Nadier to sac to the Alter to be able to pay for Nadier out of the command zone again to kickstart the combo. There are some other combos which do not require the commander as well. The deck contains Slimefoot which when combined with a token doubler and Ashnod's Altar or two token doublers and the Phyrexian Altar will win the game. There is also the Dockside plus Temur Sabretooth which combine for infinite treasure, provided opponents control at least 5 or more artifacts and/or enchantments. The general game plan it just to ramp into Nadier and make it bigger through losing tokens. Board wipes will make life easier for the deck as well since Nadier will leave behind some tokens after most wipes. I like where this deck has ended up but am always open to suggestions! Let me know what you think!


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