Strongest card in the deck. Allows Mairsil to get a lot of value in his Cages.

Nevinyrral's Disk + Soul of New Phyrexia
One Sided Board wipes.

Vector Asp + Heartless Hidetsugu
Fun way to Kill everyone whos adove 20 Life, fun because it also kills you. Or you can use Anthroplasm instead of Heartless Hidetsugu to pump Mairsil for killing one of your opponents with Spikeshot Elder or making it unblockable with AEtherling .

Anthroplasm + Sage of Hours
Infinite Turns. You only need for Anthroplasm's ability.

Tree of Perdition + Spikeshot Elder
Swap an Opponent's life total to 4 then ping for 4.

Tree of Perdition + AEtherling
Swap an Opponent's life total to 4, make Mairsil unblockable then swing for 4.

Quicksilver Elemental + Torchling + Prismatic Geoscope
Infinite Mana and Activated Abilities. With Quicksilver Elemental on the Battlefield, have it gain all of Mairsil's abilities, then tap Mairsil for using Prismatic Geoscope ability. Pay targeting Mairsil with Quicksilver Elemental again so you can reuse Prismatic Geoscope ability and Torchling. If you have Spikeshot Elder exiled with Mairsil, you have infinite Damage.

Mirror-Mad Phantasm + Pack Rat + Chainer, Dementia Master + Laboratory Maniac
Use Pack Rat to copy Mairsil, in response, activate the Mirror-Mad Phantasm. Shuffle Mairsil into your library, and since there's no Mirror-Mad Phantasm, mill your entire deck. Then Pack Rat's ability will resolve and give you a copy of Mairsil, exile Chainer, Dementia Master. Then use Chainer, Dementia Master's ability to get Laboratory Maniac and wait, or just flashback Faithless Looting.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the music or video. All credit goes to its creator.


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