Pyromancer Ascension


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
Zendikar Rare

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Pyromancer Ascension


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell that has the same name as a card in your graveyard, you may put a quest counter on Pyromancer Ascension.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell while Pyromancer Ascension has two or more quest counters on it, you may copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Pyromancer Ascension Discussion

frogkill45 on BluBur

1 day ago

any deck with graveyard hate Rest in Peace , Grafdigger's Cage , Scavenging Ooze will give you problems. Death's Shadow decks might also give you a problem since they can easily outgrow your damage spells but that makes them very vulnerable to just damage spells to face.

Leyline of Sanctity will slow you down. Eldrazi decks have some big dudes on turn 2/3 that dont die to bolt.

your deck might be to slow to fight tron decks, you need a good aggro creature on one turn 1 or 2.Monastery Swiftspear or Kiln Fiend can help with that but they need evasion to be successful. With only a few creatures in your deck a planeswalker like Liliana of the Veil or Gideon Jura might be hard to remove if not dealt with fast enough. the new Cryptic Serpent might also be very good for his price, same with Bedlam Reveler

couple more things to try and add Serum Visions, Slip Through Space if you decide to add more creatures that dont have flying. Spell Pierce instead of mana leak might be good aswell. Schismotivate should be replaced by Assault Strobe in the main slot. Rift Bolt is less effective with Pyromancer Ascension than Lava Spike since you dont have to wait a turn for it to hit if suspended and casting it for 3 to copy it once is helpful.

izzetlabrat on 42 Spells, Avg. CMC = 1.29, But SHIT HAPPENS!

3 weeks ago

Oh and since you have Harness the Storm in your maybe, I would suggest Pyromancer Ascension

izzetlabrat on izzet burn?

3 weeks ago

emrakulinsmugglers i have been working on the playset of a card problem for it recently and right now all the one or two of is mostly just counter and return to hand, stuff i wouldn't want to/couldn't play twice, a card I wanted to have instead of a playset of another, cards I don't want too many of due to mana cost (Searing Blaze being one because paying double red more than once can be a pain), or I just don't have the rest to make a playset. If I were to replace them with anything it would be Pyromancer Ascension, but I will probably look for some Bedlam Revelers, they are pretty good.

KaraZorEl on Mardu

1 month ago

Pyromancer Ascension would also be a good way to win with this deck. You've got a lot of good spells. I think Indomitable Creativity would be more reliable than Nahiri.

lagotripha on Turn 5 Win-No Creatures

1 month ago

I've got a list running helix for cruel ultimatum in grixis with Raven's Crime, so Flame Jab is a good shout, as you just need two in the yard and one in hand. Pyromancer Ascension is another interesting choice, Burning Inquiry exists, as does Goblin Lore and Shattered Perception. Simian Spirit Guide for faster combo.Ignorant Bliss would be interesting as sb against discard, and useful if you had another way to cast worldfire. Reroute has potential, but only in specific matchups, Manamorphose is traditional in the Thragtusk/Worldfire lists. Young Pyromancer could provide board presence in such a spell heavy list. Its really tricky to make suggestions, as what is currently here is a super unreliable 'combo as fast as possible' list, while the best form of it likely has a backup plan and runs a little differently, threatening other combo and providing other spellweaver interactions. You could probably drop a pair of Time Stretch to take infinite turns in pretty simply. Threatening a spellweavered Devil's Play, or Past in Flames.

Most of this type of list run other colours for their specialties to help stall the game, blue for counterspells and digging, black for hand disruption and removal, green for large blockers, abrupt lifegain and ramp, or white for removal and protective spells/enchantments. It tends to make it a little less budget though, so that should be kept in mind. Running pure search spells in blue has potential, treating combo peices as dead cards, and threatening Spellweaver Volute. Once again, a different list.

Subject134127 on [BUDGET] UR Control

1 month ago

I'll try to help you the best I can :) I've also dabbled in U/R control casual decks based on modern formats in the past and recently started working on a new UR control based on energy counters. I'll link them for inspiration at the end of the post.

The general gist of the deck is ok, Though you have 64 cards atm ;). Try not to go over 60 to have the best chances of drawing what you need. There are definitely some more improvements to be made. I'm assuming you're playing against a large variety of decks, though tokens/creatures being very present.

First, I would cut Peek, Sphinx of the Final Word, Pyromancer Ascension.

  • Peek is a cantrip that lets you look at your opponent's hand, but it doesn't do much else to control the board. You'll generally recognize threats as they're played or when you know what deck your opponent is playing. Control needs answers and peek isn't an answer.
  • Sphinx of the Final Word has a very strong ability vs control matchups but the ability is useless against other decks. It also costs 7 mana. Considering you also need to keep mana open for removal/counterspells against THEIR drops, the earliest you'll drop this is around turn 10 if you're lucky, so the effect isn't really all that useful over the course of the game. For the rest it's a nice creature, but there are cheaper options more in line with your average CMC that can do something similar. I'm a big fan of Niblis of Frost, AEtherling or Goblin Dark-Dwellers for example. Another big 7-mana finisher is Pearl Lake Ancient, but because it has flash, you can keep your mana open and play it at the opponent's end step, which is much more beneficial as it leaves you free to respond when needed. There are many good options and your finisher is mostly a thing of preference, so you COULD keep it.
  • Pyromancer Ascension is mostly in there for fun I presume. Doubling counterspells isn't really a usable gimmick, mostly the extra draw and extra damage make it good in fast burn decks for example. This is different and I'd probably run it with something that can really benefit from the effect (I've used Harness the Storm as budget variant for extra energy counter generation for example)

Slagstorm is an odd choice if your plan is to go wide with Pyromancer and Talrand. You might want to use a boardwipe targeting specifically opponent's creatures. Electrickery maybe, AEtherize or AEtherspouts can also do well. If the board isn't too big yet, Baral's Expertise is a great value card!

Desperate Ravings is nice card advantage with flash back, but the 'discard at random' will sting more often than you'd like. Things like Serum Visions (Much less expensive nowadays) or Anticipate go through 3 cards in your deck instead of 2, and you get to CHOOSE what you discard, which can be very important. It's okay to keep some copies of this, but I'd personally also look into cards that cycle through your deck with more interaction. Steam Augury is always a fun card to challenge people to think. Magma Jet's Scry effect is also very nice in combination with the burn.

You also need a few more counterspells (I'd aim for 8-10), especially to deal with big creature threats from your opponent. You simply don't have the damage or removal to deal with those currently and late game your Mana Leaks no longer work. Cyclonic Rift is expensive, but Baral's Expertise could also help for example if they're important creatures that don't attack into Aetherize.

Finally, it's of course the most important that your deck is FUN and you like to play it. If you really wish there were some cards in there that I suggested to remove, you can put them back in. Another thing to make it more fun is to run into a few different but similar cards from time to time which makes the replay value of the deck much better.

Here's an old deck that I worked on: U R being Controlled and a new one: Lightning, Fire and Frost. The latter is definitely more fun imo, but the old one is more in line with the traditional control that you built. I hope that helps!

Firebones675 on Mind from (Mind vs. Might)

1 month ago

Depends if you want to make it modern legal or keep it casual. Some of the cards in here at the moment like mind's desire, snap, and temporal fissure aren't modern legal so they would have to be among the cuts. I'm going to talk about modern but if you're not picky about formats, i can talk about cards not in modern as well.

In general though if you up the amount of ways to make spells cheaper like Goblin Electromancer and Baral, Chief of Compliance, your rituals like Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual and even Manamorphose nets you mana. You are also going to want a fair number of cantrips like Sleight of Hand and Serum Visions to keep the chain going. Once you fill up your graveyard you can cast Past in Flames to do it again and end the chain with Empty the Warrens or Grapeshot. (some decks run gifts ungiven so they can take past in flames and say, would you rather i cast this from my hand or graveyard?)

I've seen a couple categories of modern storm but there is a lot of overlap between them. One uses a combination of Thought Scour and Pyromancer Ascension which is pretty nice.

Here's a sample modern storm list (just know that Gitaxian Probe has been since banned in modern)

(storm is stronger in eternal formats like legacy and vintage where you have acess to cards like Dark Ritual and Tendrils of Agony. I can talk more about what those sorts of decks look like if you want but for now i'd stick to modern or casual since legacy/vintage are super expensive/fast paced)

akioto on mono red storm

1 month ago

this deck still in project, the win rate nowadays is 48%, the idea of playing Pact of the Titan is to use it as a ritual by searching the Simian Spirit Guide or a draw by searching Street wraith. because it is a 0 mana spell, it makes easier to turn on the Pyromancer Ascension and can be copied by it, bringing more wraiths or guides

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