This is the first two-colored EDH that I have built, so I naturally chose for it to be in my two favorite colors in the game, with one of my favorite legendary creatures as its general. The name was too good of a pun to not use, so I hope that everyone appreciates it.

The main theme of this deck is to gain as much life as quickly as possible while draining my opponents' life totals in the process, so there are many cards in this deck that help accomplish that goal. I will not bother to explain every card or combination of cards, but I have numerous cards whose effects stack with each other, cards that reward me for gaining life, and cards that allow me to pay life for a benefit.

This deck does also contain cards that I put into every EDH deck that I build, so I shall not bother to explain each of those cards. Sword of Light and Shadow is in this deck, because any additional source of lifegain is good, plus any deck can appreciate being able to return creatures from the graveyard, and Commander's Plate is in this deck, because, when combined with the sword, it grants protection from all colors to the equipped creature.

Also, this deck does contain numerous cards that can destroy or exile permanents, to ensure that it is not limited to a single strategy, and three mass destruction spells that it contains (Deadly Tempest, Fumigate, and Toxic Deluge) all care about or interact with life totals in some way.

There are numerous cards that I dearly wished to put into this deck, but were not able to do so, such as Bloodgift Demon, Markov Purifier, Stinging Study, Damnable Pact, Unmake, Witch of the Moors, Marshland Bloodcaster, Nykthos Paragon, Keen Duelist, Bloodchief Ascension, Painful Quandary, The Meathook Massacre, Rite of Oblivion, Merciless Eviction, Mindcrank or Cosmos Elixir, but I simply could not make room for them. I actually am wondering if I need to keep Treasury Thrull in this deck, since both of its abilities are very useful, and I also wonder about Authority of the Consuls, since there is no guarantee that my opponents shall have creatures in their decks. Should I put Reflecting Pool or Scoured Barrens in this deck? I have the former in every other EDH deck, and the latter is a card that I normally would never put in a deck, but it would work in this deck. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

What does everyone else think of this deck, do you like it?


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