This is one of my favorite EDH decks, as its general is one of my favorite creatures in the game. Its main strategy is to stall and delay one's opponents while its controller builds their army, with Jenara, Asura of War intended to be summoned early to deal ever-increasing amounts of general damage. This deck has numerous angels, and I admit that I would like to put Vigor in this deck, since it makes an awesome combo with Empyrial Archangel, but I cannot decide which creature to remove to make room for it. This deck originally had Cradle of Vitality, but I replaced it with Archangel of Thune after that card was printed, since that card suits this deck far better than does the former card. This deck also originally contained Spirit of the Hearth, but I replaced it with Sigarda, Heron's Grace and then Shalai, Voice of Plenty, as each successive card was more powerful than the card that proceeded it. Another combo of which I am particularly proud is to cast Flurry of Wings, have each token summoned by that spell block a creature, and then case Hold the Line to make those tokens immensely powerful, likely costing the attacking player many creatures while preserving the controller's creatures.


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