This is my current EDH deck. It is BY far the best deck I have ever assembled, and I have put a ridiculous amount of time and money into this deck.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and don't forget to +1 if you like it!



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Resetting the comments, and discussing some suggestions:

I've had lots of success with some of the bigger name blue creatures in other EDH decks, namely Palinchron and Deadeye Navigator, which are both pretty absurd. I'm also considering maybe adding in Frost Titan as just another good creature.

Some powerful spells have been brought to my attention, including Temporal Trespass, Rite of Replication, and Clever Impersonator (Which is more of a spell than a creature). I have lots to think about over the next few games. I'll let you guys know what conclusions I reach!

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