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[Upgraded][C11] Mirror Mastery - Cascade&Freecast

Commander / EDH Budget



A deck list for Paddy

140 Euro


  • Strong Ramp to pay for Maelstrom Wanderer's increasing cost
  • Cascade & Freecast
  • Top Deck control
  • Shuffle Graveyard into Library to cascade / freecast again
  • Bounce everything & cascade again
  • Nonland Permanents get Flash
  • ETB Triggers & Panharmonicon


The Precon - Power Level Series

The deckbuilding guidlines are:

  • Price-Range: 50$ - 170$ (Always considering the cheapest version of the card)
  • Up to 3 Legendary Creatures with Commander Identity
  • Would be great if all possible Commanders are equally viable in the deck. Preconstructed Decks often tend to have multiple win conditions evolving around given three legendary creatures. Furtherly you won't run into focussing too aggresively on one win condition like most 100%-Power Level decks do. Besides that it's nice to switch the commander sometimes to get another perspective on your deck.
  • Avoid heavy / easy tutoring like Diabolic Intent
  • Sol Ring allowed
  • 1-2 rare lands
  • Some conventional mana-artifacts
  • Maximum of 45 Rares, for each Mythic -2,5 Rares (rounding off; Example: 7 Mythics -> 27 Rares allowed)
  • Avoid infinite combs or overpowered singles that make everyone at the table hate you (Looking at you Iona, Shield of Emeria)
  • Add some flavor and / or tribal according to own taste
  • No reserved list cards
  • Go for an overall Power Level between 50-65%, you can check the preconstructed Deck Lists for downgrade-inspiration


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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