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Commander Adventures - Free Variant +Giveaway!

Commander / EDH Budget Casual Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick Vorthos



enter image description here https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic

We have a Giveaway running over at Twitter for a playset of CommanderAdventures Conspiracy roles!

Take your chance: Conspiracy Giveaway (Winner will be announced on May 31th!)

Welcome to the biggest and most versatile 100% FREE fan-made Commander variant!

Commander Adventures gives playgroups a whole new take on implementing roleplay elements and fun ways to explore the multiverse of Magic the Gathering through a quest system designed by a team of very dedicated Commander players and judges.

The core concept of Commander Adventures is that playgroups complete objectives from a quest deck, claim their rewards and draw bounties that offer exciting perks...

enter image description here

...like becoming a Planechaser, unlocking planechase elements that offer a whole new subsystem of planes and phenomenons to explore...

enter image description here

...or becoming an Archenemy, who has powerful scaling abilities to fend off all other players in an epic “One versus All” battle.

enter image description here

While progressing through the quests, playgroups will face challenging encounters. These encounters resemble self-controlled non-player characters who summon their own minions and use a wide variety of abilities to bring chaos into your games. Some encounters are even so strong that the whole playgroup needs to band together to defeat them.

enter image description here

Lastly we also implemented our very own take on very popular variants. Our Conspiracy subvariant makes introducing the "Kingdom / BANG" variant very easy, using extremly flavorful roles from the Conspiracy block.

enter image description here

We also just recently introduced "Vanguard" designed for Commander. Our Vanguard cards are called Legacies and are heavily influenced by the ten guilds of Ravnica. Each Legacy has powerful mechanics that supplement your strategies in different ways. All our subvariants can be played with or without other Commander Adventures elements and will definetly bring your Commander nights to a whole new level!

enter image description here

The best part: You don't require any special decks. Everyone can bring their very own Commander decks to play this variant. Some objectives are designed with certain deck archetypes in mind, and some can be completed by any deck.

We put a lot of emphasis on using keyword abilities from throughout all of Magic the Gathering's history. So playing this variant will not only give you the option to visit the multiple worlds of Dominia, but also teach newer players long forgotten mechanics and maybe inspire new themes & tribes to build new Commander decks around!

A playgroup never knows what course their games will adopt. There are countless combinations of events that can take place leading to very fun interactions between all players and awesome stories!

Upcomming projects are a Halloween expansion scheduled for October 2018 as well as an extensive Achievement Point System for your very own Commander League (Scheduled December 2018) featuring general Achievements and Commander Adventures specific achievements!

enter image description here

If you are interested in this variant, make sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think. We're always striving to make this the greatest variant out there! If you want to support this project spread the word at your playgroup and LGS!

The idea for Commander Adventures was inspired by Command Zone Podcast #152 and the EDH League Achievement Point System presented by the Professor.

This fan project was officially given green light by WotC Support at 12/19/2017 - For Details check Disclaimer!

If anyone wants to review this on their Blog or YouTube channel feel free to do so! :)

enter image description here

Are you up to the challenge?

(This video is slightly outdated, but still gives a overlook over the concept of our variant. A more updated version will follow soon!)

Since we started this project in October 2017 the team around Commander Adventures keeps growing bigger and quite international!

Project Owner and Card Designer: Sebastian / CommanderAdventures - Twitter: @cmdradventures

Especially to Stefouch and Steeve Fontaine we owe a huge thanks! It took us almost three month to get the wording quality of each card we now have and I couldn't be more proud of the work they delivered. We reviewed every single card hundreds of times to make them judge-proof and also applied the latest Dominaria wording-changes.

Achievement Point System Design is lead by Orlando League Commissioner Luan Pham. You can read about his great work here: EDHREC: Bringing Magic to Life — Creating an EDH League

Besides that we have an awesome team of translators for upcomming language versions we will release one by one:

  • Italian: Alessandro, Andrea, Gabriele, Luca
  • Spanish: Taylor
  • French: Steeve, Steph, Matthieu, Louis
  • Portuguese: Bruno, David, Fernando, Nikolas

If you too want to join our design and/or translation team let me know!

We also seek to have CA translated into german and any other language we can find good translators for!

Contact: [email protected]

We are proud to have cardmarket.com as our sponsor who sent us some Coupons for giveaways and stuff!

I myself use Cardmarket always to get my latest Commander decks since they not only have the best possible prices worldwide, but also provide great tools like the Wants-List and Shopping Wizard to order everything extremly fast and convenient! Plus you are directly supporting Local Gaming Stores and other private Magic Players like yourself.

If you live inside EU and want to support our work here at Commander Adventures use Shirkhan92 as referral when signing up on cardmarket.com. You can also send me a mail at [email protected] and I will gladly provide you with a 5Euro Welcome-coupon for signing up! :) (Of course only while stocks last)

Commander Adventures - Quick Rules (Dropbox) For print sheets check Download Tab!

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Card Guide

To play this game you require a planar (or six-sided) die, 4-9 players, each player should have 6-8 twenty-sided dies of the same color and pen & paper to track progress of active objectives.

enter image description here


What is a Adventures Card made of?

enter image description here

What does a "Game Board" look like?

enter image description here

My playgroup isn't able to complete a quest. What should we do?

Should your playgroup run into a quest that is no way feasible during a match you can unanimously decide to abandon the quest and draw a new one. It's inevitable that some quests are not doable by all playgroup metas. Otherwise you can sort out any quests you don't like before starting the match. Future expansions will lever out this problem by giving you a wider range of quests you can build your quest-piles with

What does "causes the destruction" on Ascension Bounties mean?

The wording "causes the destruction" on Ascension Bounties refers to a "butterfly effect" - If your Meren of Clan Nel Toth resurrects a Shriekmaw who kills an opponent creature you'll get a progress counter for your Ascension Quest! - If you use Kess, Dissident Mage to cast Clone Legion from your graveyard cloning Shriekmaw who kills an opponent creature you'll get a progress counter for your Ascension Bounties!

Basically: Reading the quest, explains the quest. In case of doubt (e.g. who completed the quest first) check stack rules. I hope that everything is self-explaining and that I don’t overlooked any mistakes – otherwise please report any problems you encounter.

If you have any unanswered questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments below or at Twitter / Facebook!

Since many players were asking: Yes, you can play Adventures in a Multiplayer Brawl game!

Cards that are banned in a Brawl Adventures game:

  • Lord of the Rings (Main Game - Since Sol Ring is not Standard legal)
  • Razia's Burden (Main Game - If there are no creature type commanders)
  • If there is a planeswalker type commander I recommend not to play the "Legacy of the Paruns" expansion since we haven't added Planeswalker specific legacies yet!

Everything else works the same as in a Commander Adventures game. Remember to remove any colored quest or bounty cards of the colors that aren't played or only slightly splashed in your playgroups Brawl decks!

Other than that we still have to test the following rules:

  • Start with 40 life instead of 30 to give more room for Adventures elements
  • Start with 3 or 4 common quests in the quest log zone instead of 5

Of course your playgroup is free to experiment in whatever way you wish with Adventure cards. If you try Brawl Adventures make sure to let me know how it worked and how you played it!

Click here to see a preview!
v v v

For the main game version of this expansion there are 100 Cards - 20 of each color / 60 Quests & 40 Bounties.

Preview (Right-click to enlarge)

Quests enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Bounties enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Tokens enter image description here

enter image description here

This expansion will also dive deeper into the adventurous board-game theme.

You can either add them to the existing starter edition or exchange quests from the starter edition you don't want to play with quests from this expansion to streamline the gameplay experience for your playgroup!

We will move on from color-archetype quests to neutral challenges that are very engaging and need every player to participate. There will be turn-based boss fights (that can kill you!), new characters, more playgroup-politics and of course tons of rewards!

Preview (Right-click to enlarge)

Quests enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Bounties enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

Archenemies enter image description here

enter image description here

Tokens enter image description here

enter image description here

Allied Roles are:

  • Selvala & Adriana
  • Brago & Grenzo
  • Brago & Adriana
  • Marchesa & Kaya
  • Grenzo & Daretti

Preview (Right-click to enlarge)

Roles enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

This expansion will introduce Planes to Commander Adventures - The last missing card type for this game!

  • 10 new Quests!
  • 10 new Bounties!
  • 70 new Planes to explore!
  • 10 new Phenomenons to encounter!

Preview (Right-click to enlarge)

Quests enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

Bounties enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

Planes enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Archenemies enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Tokens enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Legacies are our very own version of Commander specific vanguard cards. This subvariant can be played without other Commander Adventures sets, similar to Conspiracy!

For more information about the Vanguard format check out this blog post: Vanugard - A Magic the Gathering variant

Legacies enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

This expansion will focus on the Introduction of Sagas (Bounties) and Ballads (Quests).

Sagas will work similar to the newly introduced Sagas from Dominaria and affect only the player wo started them (as do all bounties.)

Ballads will affect all players for a complete turncycle and can be of advantage or disadvantage for each player. Ballads can for example planeswalk the whole group to another plane and tell its story and introduce an Archenemy as they resolve.

Since this expansion will hit around the beginning of october we'll add a big extra this time!

enter image description here Artwork by Patrik Hjelm (UnidColor)

We're planning a ballad that will planeswalk your playgroup to a small town in the Nearheath on Innistrad. The ballad of course tells the story of a sinister invasion lead by no one other than Gisa and Geralf themselves.

Its your playgroups duty to protect the town from the invasion and prevent its citizens from being turned into zombies!

The main mechanics for this event stem from the "Horde magic" variant. But we will of course spice it up with our very own ideas and put in some real challenging encounters and a complete customly designed Horde magic deck!

Many people asked for it and here it is: Our Quest Template

enter image description here

When you have Photoshop you can now download our Template and needed Fonts to create your very own Commander Adventure Quests. You can easily write your own Quest Name and Description, change the Quest Type Indicators (Color, Difficulty) in the Layer-Menu and drop your favorite Artwork behind the quest!

You can also create complete expansions and submit them to [email protected] and I will maybe put them up here for all followers of this project! I am really excited to see what you guys come up with!

enter image description here

If you like Commander Adventures, you should probably check out our Precon-Power-Level Deck Series too!

enter image description here

These decks are great for playing Commander Adventures and are all made on a budget between 100 Euro and 180 Euro (based on cardmarket.com prices).

If you want to create your own PreCon powerlevel deck, check out the guidelines below! Our playgroup uses these to build engaging, well-balanced and fun decks while not overextending the budget. These also allow for great use of themes in decks that don't see much play in rather competitive environments!

Of course you can take these as blueprints and upgrade them according to your preferences!

[PreCon] Game of Thrones - Monarch

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Zedruu the Benevolent - Peacemaker

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Brain Feast - Zombie Mill

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Life Always Finds A Way - Dinosaur Tribal

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Stain Remover - Eldrazi Tribal

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Machiavelli - Goblin Tribal

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Rumsey Rum Crew - Pirate Tribal

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Legion of Dusk - Orzhov Vampire Tribal

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Abzan Raiders - Anafenza Pump

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Maelstrom Wanderer - Cascade & Freecast

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Toxicity - Sultai Infect

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Omnath's Reign - Elemental-Landfall

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[PreCon] Did you see that?! - A Blink Deck

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C13] Nature Of The Beast - Stampede

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C13] Evasive Maneuvers - Merfolk Rush

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C13] Mind Seize - Bolas Schemes

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C14] Built From Scratch - Tinker Deck

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C14] Forged in Stone - Armed Soldiers

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C14] Peer Through Time - Unesh's Riddle

Commander / EDH CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C15] Seize Control - Spellslinger God

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C15] Plunder the Graves - Golgari Cycle

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C15] Swell the Host - Snake Experiments

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


[Upgraded][C17] Draconic Domination - Ur-Flight

Commander / EDH* CommanderAdventures


The deckbuilding guidlines are:

  • Price-Range: Up to 180 Euro (Always considering the cheapest near mint english version of a card)
  • Up to 3 Legendary Creatures with Commander Identity
  • Would be great if both others possible Commanders are viable in the deck. Preconstructed Decks often tend to have multiple win conditions evolving around given three legendary creatures. Furtherly you won't run into focussing too aggresively on one win condition like most 100%-Power Level decks do. Besides that it's nice to switch the commander sometimes to get another perspective on your deck.
  • Avoid heavy / easy tutoring like Diabolic Intent
  • Sol Ring allowed
  • 2-3 rare/mythic lands
  • Some conventional mana-artifacts
  • Maximum of 45 Rares, for each Mythic -2,5 Rares (rounding up; Example: 7 Mythics -> 27 Rares allowed)
  • Avoid easy-to-pull-off infinite combs or overpowered singles that make everyone at the table hate you (Looking at you Iona, Shield of Emeria) or combs that lock people out from playing the game at all.
  • Add some flavor and / or tribal according to own taste
  • No reserved list cards

Upcomming decklists:


  • All 5 decks


  • Eternal Bargain (W/U/B): Life Gain / Life Drain Theme
  • Power Hungry (B/R/G): Combat Tricks & Token-Devour Theme


  • Sworn to Darkness (B): Demon Tribal / Sacrifice Theme


  • Call the Spirits (W/B): Enchantment Theme / Maybe a splash of Spirit Tribal
  • Wade into Battle (W/R): Giant / Angel Tribal


  • Entropic Uprising (U/B/R/G): Chaos Theme
  • Open Hostility (W/B/R/G): Voltron - Auras & Curses Theme
  • Stalwart Unity (W/U/R/G): Kingmaker Theme
  • Breed Lethality (W/U/B/G): Infect / -1/-1 Theme


  • Feline Ferocity (W/G): Cat Tribal
  • Vampiric Bloodlust (W/B/R): Vampire Tribal
  • Arcane Wizardry (U/B/R): Wizard Tribal / ETB subtheme

Other than that I am planning these decks:

I do not own any artworks depicted here. The artworks were taken from various websites and properly credited to the artists at the bottom of each card. I do not have any financial interest in making this set and using these artworks should be seen as advertisement for the respective artists and their amazing work. However, if you own an artwork depicted here and don't want me to use it, notify me and I will remove it.

Everything you see here is freely accessible and unofficial. It's just a fan project that my playgroup and I created in admiration for the game and wanted to share. Commander Adventures is not meant for profit in any way. Please refrain from trying to sell any of the designs. Commander Adventures was solely made for personal use at your kitchentable.

Magic: The Gathering is TM & © 1993-2018 Wizards of the Coast LLC.

This project is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.

After contacting WotC Support for an approval request, we were officially given green light to keep this fan project going!

enter image description here (12/19/2017)

In terms of setting up nonprofit online printing options for fans, I am going to check back with WotC at a later point. As of now we will do our best to hold the fan policy guidelines in honor!


You can download all sheets for printing here including the main game and all released expansions and subvariants!

If you want to print Commander Adventures cards one by one (maybe after there has been an hotfix for a card) you can find them here:

You can also try to order these prints online, but some people reported that they encountered problems with some services since the cards show trademarked artworks and such. Sometimes it helps to link this project to these services so they can see that the cards are nonofficial and only for private use! Again: We urge everyone not to use anything from this project commercially! Commander Adventures is only meant to be played with friends at home or in your Local Gaming Store!

Please comment below if any download links are broken.

Card sizes are 100% correct for 6,3cm x 8,8cm.

There are also print sheets for the Card Backs so you have an easier time keeping them separated.

enter image description here

If you don't have access to Photoshop for exact printing get a freeware like GIMP or visit your local print shop!

enter image description here

We will be introducing a achievement point system for Commander Adventures that you can introduce to your playgroup or LGS. Each player will receive points after each game. The one with the most points at the end of a season claims the throne! (Examples: Win as archenemy; Win while on the plane "Geralf's Laboratory"; Complete the research "Planar Bridge" etc.)

The achievement point system will be accompanied by another idea we had: Affixes for Commander

There will be multiple affix cards that change the rules slightly to add new perspective on your Commander games. (Example: Players draw from the bottom of their libraries; The "legend rule" doesn't apply; or affixes with time counters: When no time counters left exchange all life totals at random. etc.)

We will design both, general and "Commander Adventures"-specific Achievement Point System cards so you can use this system even without playing CA!

enter image description here

Here are some visual examples:

enter image description here

You like the Adventure format? Add it to your favorites, spread the word and check back for updates!

You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates...

enter image description here

Update 10/24/2017: Idea for Adventures came up

Update 10/31/2017: Release Version 1.0: Adventures Rules & Download Mirrors added

Update 11/01/2017: Day 7: 4750 Views, 125 Upvotes and Top Rank #1 for a whole week! Glad to see that you guys like the Adventures Variation for EDH! I will keep troubleshooting if anything comes up and I will release the first expansion for Adventures before christmas kitchentable season! So keep checking back! :)

Update 11/02/2017: Release Version 1.1: I tweaked some quests: KING OF THE CASTLE reward got slightly nerfed, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER reward got buffed, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST reward got buffed, I WILL BE BACK quest is now slightly easier, SPELLSLINGER quest is now slightly easier, SELFLESS INTERVENTION quest is now slightly easier / wording was corrected, DECEITFUL MONARCH quest is now slightly easier, SAVAGE APPETITE quest is now slightly easier, CALL TO ARMS quest is now slightly easier, TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE got its wording optimized. Many thanks to reddit.com/user/thinkforgetfull and his playgroup for the great feedback!!

Update 11/11/2017: We hit 11500 Views and 180 Upvotes! Thanks for spreading this idea! Please keep reporting how it worked for your playgroup and if you ran into any troubles.

Update 11/18/2017: Release Version 1.2: Some minor wording corrections! Thanks to AstrisJanus for the suggestions!. EMBRACE CHAOS has its penalty nerfed (as suggested by ofekon11), BLOODLETTING is now slightly easier, CORPSE RECYCLING is now slightly easier, FERTILIZE is now slightly easier, THE BEAST WITHIN is now slightly easier, LORD OF THE RINGS is now slightly easier. Hope that will speed up the pace for some playgroups! 1.2 will be the last update for the starter edition (except if there are any important hotfixes needed) - Work on the first expansion "Dungeons and Dragons" has begun!

Update 11/20/2017: First few quests for the "Dungeons and Dragons" expansion are up! Remember that these are still subject to change! Would love any feedbacks or ideas! :)

Update 11/21/2017: New batch of quests for "Dungeons and Dragons" is up! Also added a Dropbox Link for Online Printing Services under the Downloads tab with each quest of Version 1.2 one by one. Maybe a Commander buddy of yours would love this for christmas! :)

Update 11/22/2017: The long awaited Archenemy Quests are in! Introducing Archenemy Nicol Bolas and Archenemy Emrakul! Excited to see how they work out! If everything goes well the test version of "Dungeons and Dragons" will be ready next week Friday!

Update 11/23/2017: Just a minor update today: The Treasure Goblin! Thought would be funny to have a small Diablo reference here :) If you have any quest suggestions post them in the comments below - I will consider every suggestion!

Update 11/24/2017: First month over :: 17k+ views and alot of progress - Thanks for all the support, suggestions and ideas. Happy thanksgiving to all of you! The D&D expansion is almost done! (18/25)

Update 11/25/2017: Changed all encounters that have been referred to as he or she to it to prevent confusion as suggested by twitter.com/YoungCardinals and twitter.com/ubsanitizer

Update 11/27/2017: Dungeons and Dragons Testversion done! Download Links @Download Tab! Happy for any feedbacks and corrections! Release is scheduled for next weekend!

Update 11/27/2017: Some wording corrections to D&D Testversion V0.6 -> V0.7. Gonna throw in a little extra tonight. So keep checking back! :)

Update 11/28/2017: Just added a small expansion for Commander / Commander Adventures: Conspiracy! Check the Quest Tab!

Update 12/03/2017: Final overhaul for Starter Edition, D&D Expansion and Conspiracy Expansion done! Thanks for all support and suggestions! Will finish a small rulebook next and start working on a small YouTube series covering the idea, background and rules for Commander Adventures!

Update 12/04/2017: Added the rulesheets for printing!

Update 12/10/2017: Added the first planes and phenomenons, as well as ignition quests! Renamed reward quests to bounty quests!

Update 12/13/2017: Added the first main villain: Garruk, Cursed Predator. He will only spawn on some planes. You can either flee or try to confront him.

Update 12/19/2017: We are officially given green light for this project bei WotC! We will take this chance gladly and keep new quests and adventures comming! :)

Update 12/30/2017: The official Commander Adventures Introduction video is up on our YouTube Channel!

Update 01/01/2018: Happy New Year everyone! We just reached 300 Upvotes! Thanks for all the support! The goal this year is to increase this projects popularity. So if you like our work please share it to your friends / playgroups and People at your Local Game Stores! I am also working on a deck tech series for our YouTube channel so make sure you are subscribed! :)

Update 01/05/2018: HOTFIXES: The following quests had just minor wording changes (just some effects that said "get /keyword/" to "gain /keyword/"). Since these are Synonyms they don't affect gameplay in any way, wanted them just to be as original as possible (Thanks to Fatred for pointing these out). If you already printed Commander Adventures I advise to add these single quest to your Ignition print if you want to get the updated versions. Sorry for any circumstances!

  • SE: 002 Gideon's Vengeance
  • SE: 005 Virtuosness
  • SE: 007 Call in the Cavalry
  • SE: 012 Way of the Samurai
  • SE: 025 Incisiveness
  • SE: 041 The Walking Dead
  • SE: 045 Ruthlessness
  • SE: 047 Bloodletting
  • SE: 049 Vampiric Temptation
  • SE: 065 Slyness
  • SE: 072 Savage Appetite
  • SE: 083 Survival of the Fittest
  • SE: 085 Adaptiveness
  • SE: 087 The Beast Within
  • SE: 089 Venomous Infusion
  • DND: 002 Eiganjo Castle
  • DND: 008 Shinka Keep
  • DND: 010 Okina Temple
  • DND: 019 Fog of War
  • DND: 020 Drought

Update 02/12/2018: Added new Planes and a mythic Open Quest as well as a mythic Bounty Quest! Ignition expansion and our new Website should be finished around first week of March!

Update 03/25/2018: Re-Release changes are live! Ignition will be up next! :)

Update 03/31/2018: The design for all 110 new cards including new Tokens is finished! Our judges will review every single cards for wording optimization and spell checks prior to release! Check out our previews in the Ignition Tab and tell us what you think!

Update 04/14/2018: Our new expansion "Ignition" and the new subvariant "Legacy of the Paruns" are live! Have fun! :)

Update 04/17/2018: Update-Post on Reddit/EDH

To-Do List

  • Website for Commander Adventures
  • Video series covering the new variant
  • The Bard's Song: A Halloween Tale
  • Achievement Point System & Affix Cards

Want to support this project?

If you really want to show support for this project you can use the "Gift Token" Button to send us Tokens so we can promote this project more actively on T/O and reach more people! :)

Click here: Commander Adventures

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