• Peace-/Kingmaker: Your main goal is not to win the game, but to decide WHO wins the game. During the game you just focus on politics, making allies and building your fort. You intervene whenever you think its necessary. You don't even need to attack other players, unless a player interferes with your interests. At best keep a neutral position and sent every other player gifts. If you want to win the game yourself, try to get all players into a position where you can take them out all at once.
  • Strategy: Make other players compete for your favor. Ensure they know about how you can help them achieve their plans and make contracts every now and then that bind them to you. I didn't add any cards that cause chaos among your opponents. You heavily rely on order and control and don't want to rally players against you.
  • Intervention-Theme: Instant-Spells like Redirect, Swerve & Wild Ricochet will give you the political flexibility you need to make other players owe you something.
  • You can use Helm of the Host to duplicate your Bazaar Trader and build trade routes with your closest allies. (I haven't even explored the endless opportunities Helm of the Host offers in this build! Definitely looks good on Zedruu too!)
  • Make binding contracts where you and your allies exchange control over Humble Defector
  • Use cards from the Offering cycle to empower players in dire situations, the more they owe you the better. You can even gift complete turns with Karn's Temporal Sundering!
  • When you feel safe behind your fort, throw in some bombs like Crown of Doom and curses like Curse of Verbosity or Curse of Opulence to heat the fire between your opponents.
  • This deck has some cards to produce mana of any color like Exotic Orchard or Chromatic Lantern, so you can make use of activated abilities of cards you exchanged with other players. It also makes the activated ability of Zedruu the Greathearted easier to use!
  • This deck contains many combs. You can use cards like Captivating Crew to gain control of an opponent's card and directly send it over to one of your allies, permanently! Or send your own Selfless Spirit to your ally to protect their creatures.
  • You can even send reinforcement troops over to your friends thanks to Assemble the Legion.
  • Empower Zedruu the Greathearted with cards like Alhammarret's Archive and Paradox Haze
  • Tip: You can send over curses you own. They will stay attached to the enchanted player and you still benefit from your commanders upkeep ability!
  • You can use cards like Homeward Path and Venser, the Sojourner to regain control of your cards (So you can redistribute them again)

I'd say that this deck is one of the best decks to play Commander Adventures, since it gives you the flexibility, control and tools to adapt to any situation!

Oh and the best part: This deck is hella cheap! Just 100 Euro on!

If you like this deck check out my Game of Thrones deck. It's too highly political but goes into a more offensive / tyrannical direction:

[PreCon] Game of Thrones - Monarch

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