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My Zedruu Commander. I actually own this entire deck, feel free to comment any suggestions. Thanks!




DimirZer00 says... #1

I was going to say something about Steel Golem . But, then I remember who you had as a commander. Nicely played.

Over all, I feel like this a commander with a lots of hidden combos. Lying in wait. So, am not to sure what I should suggest? However, the name and theme seem strong. +1

March 19, 2014 10:39 p.m.

Frampypants says... #2

If you feel like having an instant win-con then play Thought Lash . I have it in my group oriented/janky Zedruu deck to threaten people if they get a little out of hand. The way it works is you play it on your turn then wait for your next upkeep and don't pay the cumulative upkeep, thus putting the trigger on the stack. Gift it via Zedruu with the trigger on the stack and watch them instantly get milled. Other powerful "gifts" include Pyromancer's Swath , Celestial Dawn (for non-white commanders), Statecraft and Illusions of Grandeur (flickering this with Venser is brutal).

However, those are only ideas. Overall your deck looks ridiculously powerful and I'm sure functions remarkably well. If you have any cards that underperform (maybe Goblin Cadets ?) then try out some of the ideas above. They are powerful.

Cool deck regardless, Zedruu is honestly my favourite general in all of magic because of how janky, awkward, powerful and unique she is. Since when were minotaurs monks and what the heck is that lantern?! Nice deck!

March 23, 2014 5:13 p.m.

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