Just my take on an Oloro Deck.

Mostly life gain and win cons with a little bit of stax.

The way this deck tries to work is to hold back any enemy fire coming your way until you can get a win con out. Even in a removal heavy meta, it's normally not really that hard to do.

The best combos that I seem to use most often are:Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond , Defiant Bloodlord + Exquisite Blood , Exquisite Blood + Vizkopa Guildmage , Greed + Laboratory Maniac + Leveler (or some other instant speed drawing mechanic), Decree of Pain + Revel in Riches (this generally works best if you don't have any responses in hand to someone trying to destroy RiR before your upkeep), Approach of the Second Sun + Greed + Liliana Vess . There are more, but these seem to work best in my meta.

Just a little bit of background on this deck:I regularly play with my meta of about 4 people, including myself. Each person's deck is roughly equivalent in power to this deck, but seemingly the only way to beat it is if all three of the other players gang up on this deck.


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