This is a modification of the pre-built commander deck for Teferi, Temporal Archmage. Any suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. I'd prefer not to break the bank on this so I'm trying not to add cards that are too expensive but I will consider anything that runs well with the deck so long as the price matches its worth. If I'm missing something obvious that should be in here, or if you see something that could be replaced with something else that's a little more cohesive let me know. Thanks!

Early Game

The early game is focused on mana ramping and pillow forting. Mana rampers are the majority of the deck's artifacts. Pillow forters include Dissipation Field, Mirror Mockery, Propaganda, Web of Inertia, Fog Bank, and Reef Worm.


Mid-game, generally, involves getting yourself ready for when you sweep the field in the end game. Leveling up Lighthouse Chronologist and getting Laboratory Maniac (for milling yourself), Brine Elemental (facedown for paralyzing), Chasm Skulker, Psychosis Crawler (for card draw bonuses), Ertai, Wizard Adept (for countering), Graceful Adept, Reliquary Tower, and Thought Vessel (for maxing hand size) out onto the field.


Lastly, endgame. By now there should be a lot of mana to work with and several creatures on the field along with some nice enchantments. There are a couple ways the endgame can go down:


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