Brine Elemental


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) Uncommon
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra (DD2) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Brine Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Morph *(You may play this face down as a 2/2 creature for (3). Turn it face up any time for its morph cost.) *

When Brine Elemental is turned face up, each opponent skips his or her next untap step.

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Brine Elemental Discussion

Mint0055 on Teferi, Eldrazi Hereld

11 months ago

Reverie42 Really appreciate you taking the time to look at my decklist. Almost all of your suggestions are cards I am currently trying to acquire or have at least thought about adding. The decklist as it stands comes from cards that I have in my collection as of now. When my budget allows I will be upgrading the deck with many additions listed above, especially the counterspells.

Skittering Evasion was actually in the deck mostly to help get blockers for teferi, but you're right for 7 mana I will usually have Teferi out and will want bigger better cards. Salvage drone was also in to help with some mana curve, plus it's cute, but you are right it is just too small an effect.

Ghostform is the only card I currently have to help my big creatures get through, but yes generally one-time effect cards are pretty underwhelming in EDH so that is another that needs to go. Rogue's Passage is a definite for me as well.

It seems a lot of the suggestions made revolve around Paradox Engine, which I will definitely be adding to the deck. I am not a big fan of Infinite combo's nor putting in cards that revolve around one card in the deck, however, with Teferi as the general (and with me wanting to ultimately make this my most competitive deck), I will more than likely be adding in those cards.

I am not particularly aiming for bounce cards, but since I need ways for my creatures to get through I will consider them. I have also looked at mass tap cards like Brine Elemental since the biggest issue with many bounce effects is they just hit too few things on the board (although Cyclonic Rift is a definite add into this deck).

I'm probably going to do away with equipment in general for this deck as none have any effects that help this deck immensely. Hedron Matrix was yet another card I had already that I thought could help me do massive damage, but it is rarely used effectively.

Once again I greatly appreciate your suggestions. The biggest issue for me making this deck the way I truly want to is my budget, but I am close to a point where my other decks are finished and I can finally take this one off the back burner and get the cards necessary to turn this deck into a truly formidable one.

zelian12 on Can Someone Suggest Some Win-Cons ...

1 year ago

your link isn't working. Have you considered the pickles lock? Brine Elemental + Vesuvan Shapeshifter

RedmundR2 on Looking for cards that synergize ...

1 year ago

Hey all, i'm trying to find cards that synergize specifically with face-down Morph cards, like Brine Elemental.

So far I have only found two non-creature spells that do a direct effect for face-down critters, like Obscuring AEther and Secret Plans . So far, im trying to keep the colors to Simic , but im considering splashing black possibly. Any card ideas you guys can throw at me would be awesome!

miracleHat on DarkLaw

1 year ago


There is a tl;dr section at the bottom, I did not have enough time to shorten this
Taking this off the forums to save everybody else (and you) the trouble


I am accused of being too much of a spike ("That's because stuff like Stasis are 'spikier' cards"). The cause of this accusation was directed at my answer ("but there are better ways of achieving Stasis hint hint", the answer provided an improved card whilst not making any concrete specifications. This was interpreted that I am competitive.

This accusation is easily falsified by pointing out lack of specificity I used and the fact that I mentioned a less-than-competitive reason (in the form of Brine Elemental).


Typical EDH is brought up ("in typical EDH, decks that want to play big creatures without big combos or locks are pretty common"). You have defined typical EDH as, "is not the weird mix of casual-competitive that you play. It's just casual". First: what weird mix of casual-competitive do I play? Please expand accurately on that. How would normal casual-competitive be defined? Please expand accurately on that. Lastly, please define casual, accurately of course.

*If you want any information as to who I play with, what decks we play, and how long games last (turn and/or minutes), ask and you shall receive.


I am accused that I play weird casual-competitive. To say that I play casual-competitive, coming from another person, is one of the most cretinous, inane, and ineffectual statements to make.

Who are you to say that I play weird casual-competitive?


"I'll also point out your explicit mentions of 'meta' and 'competitive'". Congratulations, you read what I write. If you could please be so kind as to assimilate it. The usage of the word "meta" is as follows: a term used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential. Please do not confuse this with the abbreviation "meta" (most effective tactically available) as that would make no sense within that context. You pointed out that I used the word competitive. I freely admit that I mention (and more) the word competitive, explicitly and clearly.

Do you admit the same.

You appear to view this as a bad thing (troubling, however, your point does not prove anything, leaving another open-ended notion that you bring up).


The original point is that Kokusho, the Evening Star is used more than Yosei, the Morning Star, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Jugan, the Rising Star, and/or Keiga, the Tide Star (damn, i got them all correct!). I gave my reason, when you argued, I gave another reason, you then argued by accusing the way I play, the way others play (attacking my playgroups), and then proceeded to ignore my second reason.

You expect that if you--passively or passive-aggressively or aggressively-- accuse a person (seemingly without any basis), that you can get away with it? With this in mind, let's review some notes you might have forgotten:
you create open-ended and empty points, you create terms that are vague and voided, and it appears that if it is not casual (oh sorry: typical edh) it is immediately discounted.



I want to use the way that you write and show you how ridiculous it is, but one would hope that is already clear by what is on this message.


The amount of definite things that you (appear to) believe I said that are not true and create serious flaws: I like yosei as a card, I use yosei in my kaalia deck (Rakdos the Defiler + Yosei, the Morning Star + Twilight Shepherd is fun on turn 5...), and Yosei is not a bad card. Remember, because there is a "better" card does not necessarily mean that the original card is bad. Redundancy is key in edh. Plague Wind is strictly worse than In Garruk's Wake, is Plague Wind a bad card? No(!) both cards are both good. Would I rather play In Garruk's Wake, in most situations, yes. I shall forestall your comment (you talk about meta (the abbreviation)!) and note that both plague and garruk's wake are good and played.


It is important to note your comment, "Yosei is listed in around 2000 decks out of the 150,000-ish decks". You do not list where, how, or what parameters you used in coming up with this. It should be disqualified from the internet. However, since you bring up that numbers, I viewed this search and applied Kokusho, Yosei, Keiga, Ryusei, and Jugan. Each page is 20 decks, i got the following numbers: Kokusho is in 6160 decks, Yosei is in 3480(?!) decks, Keiga is in 2820 decks, Ryusei is in 1880 decks, and Jugan is in 1260 decks (all of these numbers are within 20 minus). I do not see the point in continuing to write this line of thought.

Third: (Tl;dr)


In conclusion. It has been a delightful fifteen minutes thinking about this, but for now I shall break.


The following has been noted and gone over: you accused me of being a spike, of not playing typical edh, and playing weird casual-competitve edh. You offer no grounds, clarifications, definitions, and minimal basis for them. You have been quoted. You are asked a question that is a cause for some abeyance. I rehash the original point and show your flaws. I stem future accusations. I clarify misconceptions you seem to hold (apologies if you did not hold them, your comments were indicative). I debase a claim you fought for. I reiterate message in conclusion.

miracleHat on Closed Thread

1 year ago

(point being)?

Whether it is competitive or not, stasis (fine then, some Brine Elemental combo) was just an example of why yosei is not used often (especially in comparison to kokusho)

greyninja on Fun with morph

1 year ago

Very cool. +1 from me definitely

Animar will feed off the morph mechanic like a champ. I've always envisioned building a version after they announced MEGAMORPHHH and yea this looks fun

You're missing one I noticed right away which was Den Protector. Very solid mid-late game to retrieve key pieces. Brine Elemental + Vesuvan Shapeshifter looks super evil, good job there wow! You might have to get them or Cloudstone Curio back after they're destroyed. To the point where I'd maybe even suggest Eternal Witness

To connect as much as you can with animar I'd consider replacing Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Wayfarer's Bauble, Untamed Wilds, etc with guys like Wood Elves, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Farhaven Elf, and Solemn Simulacrum. Bouncing Wood Elves back and forth with a morph creature (and Cloudstone Curio) to rip all the forests out is really powerful. Solemn Simulacrum works with Tidespout Tyrant and a morph to the same effect; only all basics

Whispersilk Cloak is a nombo with Chandra's Ignition/Soul's Fire as you're probably targeting animar with all three. Lightning Greaves equips for free which I like.

If you're trying to go expensive ($) and want to draw cards I'd suggest Glimpse of Nature and Consecrated Sphinx. Vizier of the Menagerie is one I just added to my list

Looking for more wincons? Purphoros, God of the Forge, Walking Ballista, Oblivion Sower can outright end the game. Ancestral Statue you have in your maybeboard. It's kinda cheaty but works

Please take a minute to swing by my Animar deck to give 'er a +1 if you can! Cheers!

greyninja on Animar & friends!

1 year ago

@WesRobs, Lurking Predators was a card I played for a while in 60-card. Idk how I traded them all away. Definitely something I would consider. If it lasts; you can gain more than enough value from one lap around in multiplayer. It would be really great with something like Vizier of the Menagerie and/or Sensei's Divining Top.

@s0up, animar can build a large boardstate very fast. That's my plan in 1v1, just smoke em.

If you puke your hand onto the board too early in multi ppl will notice and take you down. I'm running a decent amount of interaction to chug along a little harder until it combos. If I can build animar and my hand just by repeatedly bouncing something like Dream Stalker; I'm prepped to combo out... or romp the /x /x player lol

Even a few 5/5s can put in work. Imagine applying pressure (or having the ultimate blocker) with animar, plus playing stuff like Duplicant and eldrazi for free. Obviously that's an optimal outcome. I'm usually silent when I run this deck in big groups. Try not to play anything too flashy until you're ready. Almost a fifth of the deck has its power near or above 5, so it can bring the heat quick if left unchecked.

Protean Hulk is a card I wish I owned prior to the unban. It doesn't affect the board upon etb, but you can swing away and ppl will be afraid to kill it.

@KailDaemon, Rattleclaw Mystic is part of the morph package I've toyed around with a ton. Ainok Survivalist is one I just took out recently, Dwarven Blastminer is evil and has won me a few tiny leaders matches, then there's a couple I haven't tried like Willbender, Stratus Dancer, Brine Elemental, etc.

I will likely never replace Lotus Cobra. Its applications with cards like fetches, Wood Elves, Solemn Simulacrum, and the like are just too good! Rattleclaw Mystic does its job well, too. It should be in here.

Aetherflux Reservoir can get really scary really fast. If this was a dedicated 1v1 deck I'd absolutely be running it. Multiplayer I feel it'll be turn 2-3 Animar, Soul of Elements, turn 3-4 Aetherflux Reservoir, and ppl will be like hmmm I wonder what he's doing ?!... blap blap blap! I should still run it. What does anyone think could potentially come out of the deck?

Thanks for the comments! I'm always stoked on hearing everyone's ideas!

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