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Commander / EDH Budget Casual Combo Mono-Green Tokens



I was searching for a fun mono-green general, and Nemata, Grove Guardian seems to fit the bill!

He doesn't provide ramp himself, but can create massive token swarms. The beauty of his abilities is when you attack with a saproling swarm, he can sacrofice any blocked ones to pump the rest!

Looking to get the Deserted Temple x Gaea's Cradle mini combo eventually too, but the cradle is just waaay too expensive.


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Begrudgingly cut Bow of Nylea , but it doesn't reeeally fit my strategy. Still iffy on that one. Also cut Muraganda Petroglyphs . Again, I love the idea of the Petroglyphs with tokens, but then with it out I couldn't make use of Skullclamp .

Bought a few boosters on a whim. Any thoughts on whether Font of Fertility and Reviving Melody would fit?


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+1 Ranger's Path maybe
+1 Peregrination maybe
+1 Cultivate maybe
+1 Kodama's Reach maybe
+1 Hunting Wilds maybe
+1 Explosive Vegetation maybe