Elvish Farmer


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Rare
Fallen Empires Rare

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Elvish Farmer

Creature — Elf

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a spore counter on Elvish Farmer.

Remove three spore counters from Elvish Farmer: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play.

Sacrifice a Saproling: You gain 2 life.

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Elvish Farmer Discussion

Cubbycoo77 on The Fair, the Frightening, and the Foul

11 months ago

I do really like Gleancrawler you can sacrifice an of them and then you get them back. I guess they wouldn't have the counters anymore but you have more fodder options then.

Elvish Farmer, with his last ability, you should have a saproling to sacrifice every turn if you can. with him you only get one every third or fourth turn. Played with Golgari Germination you'd probs have one pretty much every turn. Maybe both or neither?? I think if you want one though, I'd pick Golgari Germination. When ever they die, not just sacrificed. You'll be losing them in combat, especially playing http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/aflame-feathered-frenzy/#c2796160

Berrit on The Fair, the Frightening, and the Foul

11 months ago

Yeah, I figure Drove of Elves, at least for what it costs, can be pretty big depending. Plus all the counters that will get put on it from sacrificing. So ya know, lose a green, get a counter, stay the same p/t. Hmm, you think I'll be sacrificing enough non token permanents to make Golgari Germination worthwhile? I don't know, maybe if I got Gleancrawler out there. Elvish Farmer is a little cheaper to cast and guarantees me tokens. With Germination I might not have non tokens on the field I want to get rid of or the ability to do so. :/

Cubbycoo77 on The Fair, the Frightening, and the Foul

11 months ago

Sorry those were Vulturous Zombie and Golgari Guildmage and Golgari Germination but I don't think I like Vulturous Zombie as much anymore.

Elvish Farmer I didn't like as much because it builds slow and then it is the only thing making saprolings... I don't think it is worth it unless you can sacrifice one every turn. With Golgari Germination you may have enough to make it work better.

With Drove of Elves you only have 19 green permanents in the deck (forests don't count) and most of those will be sacrificed as some point. I just don't see it getting very big. Unlike some decks where it should grow, in this deck it will as some point level off and even grow smaller. I realize that tokens will count for green permanents, but again those are just fodder. I guess you have a fair amount coming in from Imperious Perfect and Lys Alana Huntmaster and if you get out Ambush Commander your lands will them count... That one might work, I'd have to see it play, the cards above would be cards you don't want to sacrifice, I hope you won't run into sacrificing all you want to then being stuck with things you don't want to get rid of.

Berrit on The Fair, the Frightening, and the Foul

11 months ago

Hmm, I'm going to need your rationale for taking out Elvish Farmer. He's a steady token maker. Also, Drove of Elves can become pretty terrifyingly powerful as well.

Cubbycoo77 on The Fair, the Frightening, and the Foul

11 months ago

Ok probs the last of the card ideas.

First you could probably be rid of Centaur's Herald, Driver of the Dead, Drove of Elves, and Elvish Farmer

Last of the ideas... I realized that this deck is very Golgari Guild aligned and there are good cards from that guild. Drooling Groodion, Gleancrawler, golgari, Golgari Rot Farm, Golgari Rotwurm, Mortipede, Vulturous

nicobye on does the sacrifice of the ...

1 year ago

let's assume that we have Pallid Mycoderm, Deathspore Thallid, Elvish Farmer, Savage Thallid. Does the sacifice of a saproling trigger all sacrifice effect of those fungis or I must choose one of these effects