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Don't get excited, just another Kaalia deck.

Commander / EDH Aggro Angels Demons Dragons Multiplayer


Yeah nothing to get too excited about.

This deck was a lot of fun to make. I usually play control oriented decks or decks that got a mix of aggro & control. So to build a deck where I want to go full throttle all the time was new and exciting.

I took most if not all my inspiration from ThisIsBullshit's deck. So shout out to her.

The difference between the 2 decks though is I tried to build this for multiplayer. Which actually is a challenge. Kaalia is a huge target, she's too explosive to ignore so everyone hates on her and that simply sucks for me.

I feel though that I've been very lucky with this deck. It's lost 5 times I can remember in it's 25+ games against my normal card buddies and up at the LGS.

One loss was another kaalia deck that had a lot of hand disruption and saved it all for me. Which I can't blame him.

Now I've posted this deck up in the hopes that I'll get some feedback and help. I want to make this a really solid Multiplayer deck. I feel i can achieve this if I have a sufficient amount of control in the deck. It needs just enough.

If you got suggestions lets hear it and thanks for looking!


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