The goal of this deck isn't to be the most aggressive or finely tuned deck available. Its goal is to be both fun and flavorful and a combination of two of my biggest passions, EDH and Cooking.

Karador in French actually reads "Karador, chef de clan Fantome" ( so I figured he would make an excellent general.

I pull this deck out when either playing with newer people to the format or with my friends when we are playing non-cutthroat EDH. There are definitely some strong cards in here, and it doesn't completely fold to every game that it plays in. The "best" way for me to win is by contamination locking people out of playing the game. However, without any tutors, that is going to be more infrequent, and the goal of this deck is mostly just to have fun.

It is still a work inprogress and I'd love some "feed"-back (pun totally intended), altough I'm looking mostly for fun flavorful cards as opposed to boring staples.



masterp says... #1

I love the idea mate, +1 to you cos i'm also a chef who does dibble and dabble with magic, just some suggestions or food for thought.

Fleshbag Marauder : Great etb for cheap 3 mana

Diabolic Tutor : is a much cheaper Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Revelation

Kismet : Really locks down opponents, plus its like less than a dollar

Boundless Realms mad ramps

Nim Deathmantle to protect well..anything and since you're green you're not exactly too worried about mana.

as far as that, i don't exactly know what you're budget is, but i defitenly am in the same boat as you, currently though i am slowly constructing a mad edh deck, trying to figure out a unique and flavorful general with blue and black

August 16, 2012 2:48 a.m.

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