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Wait, what type of counter?! (IKORIA UPDATES)

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Counters GWUB Infect



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Second draft

I’ve updated the list now, since we’ve had a few previews from the new set.

I’m going to tweak it over the next few days, I really like the look of Hexproof/indestructible counters.


So, ever since this guy came out to play last year I thought he looked pretty interesting.

The obvious build would be a -1/-1 counter deck, but I’ve already done that.. twice.

I do like the wording of his second ability, as it allows us to abuse any type of counter. So I went to the web to look up every single type of counter there is. Now you might think, “oh, but that’s lots of counters”, and you’d be right, and that really appeals to the Johnny in me.

The other interesting thing about his ability, if I have understood it correctly is, that it can be used multiple takes a turn at instant speed.

For example, before combat, make it a copy of an umblockable creature and swing through, but then before damage activate it again to turn it into a copy of something else that has a trigger upon damage being dealt. For example: Pay targeting Blighted Agent and attack, no blocks declared, before damage is dealt pay and target Cephalid Constable bouncing 7 permanents back to hand.

So sit back, get a cup of tea, and have a read.

These are one of the easier ones to distribute. We’re running several options that just add them to all our creatures; - Master Biomancer - Bloodspore Thrinax - Oran-Rief, the Vastwood

These make our creatures instant targets for Volrath.

Another great card in this section is Experiment Kraj which puts counters on any target we want.

Unspeakable Symbol targets any creature on the battlefield, a good way to politically do someone a favour to then target later with Volrath.

Volrath also puts -1/-1 counters on creatures consistently, but a good way to hit everything at once is Black Sun's Zenith

Cauldron of Souls is another excellent political tool, to save certain creatures to gain favours and target them later.

This is my favourite section, where we look at abusing some of Magics more sparse counters.

The cards detailed in this section are political, we want to use them to gain favours with people and create ominous threats that we can hold over people without having to press the trigger.

Once we’ve got counters on lots our opponents creatures we can start really messing with them.

  • razofrin abolishor lets us bounce things that come our way, on the other hand we can use it to save peoples creatures too, gaining a political favour back later in the game.

  • Leech Bonder can move counters round if we have no way of placing counters on to new creatures.

  • Hunter of Eyeblights can kill anything we need to kill once it has a counter on it.

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    As of today this deck is number one on this site overall. I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s upvoted/commented/added to a folder.

    I’ve never had a #1 ranked deck before, even if it’s only there for a day, I’m still very happy.

    Thanks :)


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