Ladies and Gentlemen, our intrepid candidate has endured the tortures of the Cursed Rack , braved the crushing Black Vise , and emerged unscathed from Leshrac's Rite ! The Wall of Wonder could not stop his progress, and The Rack could not break him! He is the ever-suffering, the never-breaking, the occasionally-exiled, the one, the only, the indestructible, STUFFY DOLL!!!

Built from the bones of my Kozilek, Butcher of Truth deck - itself built from the bones of my Gonti, Lord of Luxury deck - this cruel and silly deck is a fast-mana artifact machine. Like many of my decks, but perhaps most of all, this deck teeters at the brink of cEDHiness, but my fascination with weird lands and cheeky combos keeps it from being truly competitive. One cheeky combo in particular - as the name of this deck suggests - is at the heart of Nin's evil plan. Stuffy Doll has always fascinated me, and I had long resolved to build a deck around its singular mechanic. I tooled around with the idea of building Grothama, All-Devouring first, then Riku of Two Reflections , somehow ignoring the obvious synergy presented by Nin. When I happened upon a promo printing in a trade, everything else fell into place.

At its core, this deck is designed to do two things: get Nin and Stuffy Doll on the field, and make an obscene amount of mana. Fabricate , Hoarding Dragon , Imperial Recruiter , Inventors' Fair , Tezzeret the Seeker and Transmute Artifact all tutor Stuffy up, but Nin's ability also allows us to dig for it the old fashioned way. Most all of the creatures here are disposable, intended to be cashed in for their ETB abilities and then nugged by Nin for a grip of cards.

RIP Paradox Engine


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