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The Further Proliferation of Terrible Ideas

Commander / EDH Battlecruiser Combo Counters Five Color Storm


My first experiment with the Simic color identity was my card advantage-obsessed money pit, deck:a-rash-decision. I really enjoyed everything that this color combination brought to the table, and the manipulation of +1/+1 counters stuck out as a particularly fun mechanic to exploit in EDH. I had tried desperately to build a +1/+1 counter subtheme into my Rashmi deck, but I simply couldn't squeeze it in beside everything else happening there. Fortunately, with the release of Ramos, Dragon Engine in Commander 2017, I found a perfect vehicle for this strategy. At the time, each color of the pie was represented in exactly two of my decks, so building a five-color commander had some deep-seated compulsive appeal to me. The final straw was Jimmy Wong's excellent Deck Tech (published here by CommandCast), a legendary-heavy brew that significantly influenced both my decision to initially pull the trigger, and the deck that you see before you today.

Though the finished product leans heavily into the Simic color identity, the absence of color limitations ensures that this deck remains a head-scratching work-in-progress. More-so than any of my other decks (with the possible exception of my Grenzo combo brew, Started from the Bottom, Now the Whole Team Here), this deck really needs the commander in play to do its thing. Ramping into Ramos on turn 4 or earlier is ideal. From there, the deck is designed to prime him for a activation within only a turn or two so firing off one of the huge card-draw spells is super important (shout out to big-mana all-stars Prime Speaker Zegana , Conflux , Sphinx's Revelation , and Rishkar's Expertise !). As both an artifact and a creature, Ramos is maddeningly weak to removal and is thus simultaneously the linchpin and Achilles' Heel of the deck. Protect him, and you can get about the delightful business of stacking tiny dice on shiny cards to your heart's content.

Speaking of shiny cards, there are two weird aesthetic themes incorporated into the design of this deck, "Khan-Flux" (cards from the Khans Block and from Conflux) and "Shitty Taco Foil" (alternate foilings like those found in From the Vault, Commander Precons, etc.) The result is a perfectly atrocious thing to look at, and an incredibly fun deck to play!


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