Bonjour à tous,

I’m here to serve up a dynamic culinary experience that will leave our guests asking for seconds. By bringing a touch of zest to the table, with Rocco, Street Chef, I am allowing each player to sample from a buffet of spells freshly exiled, with the promise of playing them on their next turn. My secret? A little extra added to each of those spells so I can begin doling out +1/+1 counters to my creatures, all while whipping up Food tokens to nourish life totals and enable my cooks to do as they please. I hope you all will join me in creating a feast for the senses that's as strategic as it is sumptuous.

Bon appétit!


Ah, the Lands, they are the fertile soil from which our culinary feast grows! Each plot, a promise of the rich flavors to come. Take for example, the Hidden Courtyard and Mosswort Bridge these are not just patches of earth, but secret gardens where the magic of our cuisine can flourish in the late game, bringing more exotic dishes to the table from the realm of the exiled.

The Grocer (Ramp):

The very essence of our culinary concoctions. Just as a stocked pantry is crucial for a chef, these ramp cards are vital. Ensuring that we have a steady supply of mana and allowing us to craft the perfect meal with the mana we need, when we need it.

The Pantry (Artifact Generation):

These cards are not mere supplies; they're a curated collection of the finest ingredients, each card creating tokens of our culinary ambition thereby stocking our pantry with a medley of possibilities. These tokens become the utensils and garnishes that add depth and dimension to our creations. They allow us to adapt on the fly, creating new strategies as dishes evolve.

Master Chefs (Exile Interaction):

These culinary virtuosos have a knack for using the exotic spices gathered from the far corners of the exile zone. Even in the absence of our esteemed Rocco, these chefs keep the kitchen alive with their abilities each adding their unique flare in the process.

Cooking Techniques (Exile Cast):

These cards are indeed the beating heart of our deck, the core of our culinary magic and the ways in which Rocco and fellow chefs prepare their dishes. They allow Rocco to showcase his second ability time and again, conjuring a veritable cornucopia of Food tokens and nurturing our creatures with robust +1/+1 counters. With each cast from exile, our flavors intensify, and our meal becomes a celebration of taste and power.

Garnish (Ability Payoff):

These cards are the final touch a dish needs to be absolutely perfect, the key cards that trigger when we carefully prepare ingredients like tokens or +1/+1 counters, completing their tapestry of flavor. Each ability triggered is a note in a symphony, building up to a crescendo that will lead us to a delectable victory.

Kitchen Safety (Protection):

In the heat of the kitchen, it's paramount to safeguard our chefs from too eager competitors. These protective measures ensure our team remains intact, ready to dazzle with their culinary skills, even as rivals look to disrupt our flow.

Pest Control (Removal):

In our culinary haven, we're bound to encounter a few pests attempting to spoil our feast. With a selection of cards aimed at removing these nuisances, we not only keep our meal on track but might also end up with an unexpected bit of extra ingredients for our efforts. But lets keep that last bit between us.

(Re)setting the Table (Sweepers):

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the kitchen becomes too chaotic, and a fresh start is required. This section includes cards that clear the board, sweeping away both friend and foe to set the stage anew. It's our emergency reset button, ensuring that when the meal preparation goes awry, we can clean the slate and begin afresh with new possibilities and strategies.


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