Why does a man build an EDH deck? For Love? For Money? For Power? Because they finally made a Legendary Wurm and Worms remind him of Dune, history's greatest work of literary fiction? Because mono-green was necessary to balance the number of decks representing each color in his seven-deck collection and he has no control of his own illogical compulsions?


A man builds a deck for those who have suffered. He builds a deck for those who have lain upon the Cursed Rack, endured the Black Vise, and braved Leshrac's Rite. He builds a deck for those that the Wall of Wonder could not stop, and that the The Rack could not break. He builds a deck for the ever-suffering, the occasionally-exiled, the one, the only, the indestructible, Stuffy Doll

Like so many others, I was first drawn to commander by its beautiful hot mess of creativity, complexity, and craziness. Though I was not a player or collector at the time, I had the opportunity to play with decks that fully embraced this ethic, cobbled together with regard for little more than color identity and smashed into one another over countless beers and countlesser spliffs. After so many dipped toes, I finally dove headfirst into my own deck, building an early version of my beloved Hazezon Muad'Dib: DUNE-Inspired EDH with an emphasis on literary flavor.

However, as some old head once said, Life is just a bitch, a bitch is like a ho, hoes want the money, money come and goes, friends turn to foes, foes they be fake, playgroups turn to arms races and become what they hate. Krenko, Ertai, Rashmi, Ramos, Grenzo, Kozilek, Nin... I built and built, tuned and tuned, pimped and pimped. We welcomed proxies into the playgroup and the arms race accelerated further. Even my beloved Hazezon honed his proverbial Crysknife, shedding suboptimal pieces of juicy vorthos flavor in favor of spicy bits of interaction, protection, and synergy.

Eventually, I found myself in an odd position. I had nothing but "8 out of 10's," perfect for the honed and creative meta in which I often play, but awkwardly out of place outside my normal playgroup: too full of weird lands and funky combos to compete at cEDH tables, but so carefully considered and faithfully efficient to give casual tables a fighting chance. This deck is a fairly-unsuccessful attempt to repair this issue, embrace my inner Timmy, and celebrate one of the most unique creatures in the game: Stuffy Doll. Does it draw huge and combo off? Maaaayyybeee. But it wins with big green creatures, damnit. I'm trying here!

All Stuffy Doll love and Color Pie obsession aside, I have had my eye on this guy for some time. As a huge Dune fan (see: Hazezon Muad'Dib: DUNE-Inspired EDH) I had long awaited the coming of a Legendary Worm (yeah, a Wurm will have to do). Like Grenzo before her (see: Started from the Bottom, Now the Whole Team Here), Grothama's effect felt perfectly in line with, yet dramatically unlike, the other options within her color identity. In converting my old Nin, the Pain Artist deck into Urza cEDH, I needed a home for cards like Reliquary Tower and Spellbook, so I resolved to build Grothama into another deck that would make my opponents ask: "Is that his hand or his library‽"

I initially approached this deck with the philosophy that Grothama's "drawback" should instead be my path to glory. That is, I planned to smash my own creatures into Big Mama and remove her from the battlefield, reaping the juicy rewards of her rules text. This meant a lot of indestructible and flicker effects and a multitude of sacrifice outlets. Upon playtesting, however, this approach revealed itself to be clunky at best, and downright naive at tables with three or more opponents. Some of the strongest of these interactions remain in the deck (like Stuffy Doll, duh, and Vigor, which turns our Mana dorks into 11/11's during combat if Grothama is on the field!), but I have largely drifted into what I consider a more efficient exploitation of Grothama's greatest ASSet.

Fundamentally, the trade-off that Grothama represents is an extremely favorable mana to Power and Toughness ratio in exchange for the constant danger of your opponents drawing fat. That means that a winning strategy will turn her size into value and attempt to mitigate the possibility of your opponents damaging and removing her in a single turn. Inspired by FenIsABasicSwamp's diatribe, er... I mean essay... The Case for the Best Card Draw Color in EDH NOT Being Blue (available in the first drop down on his profile), I have packed this deck with every card that converts Grothama's power into card draw. Garruk, Primal Hunter, Greater Good, Hunter's Insight, Life's Legacy, Momentous Fall, Predatory Urge, Return of the Wildspeaker & Soul's Majesty all do effectively the same thing in this deck: draw 10 or more cards at the outrageous rate of 2+ per single mana. Several of the best high power-per-CMC ratio creatures are also included to build redundancy into this strategy, namely Ghalta, Primal Hunger, Gigantosaurus, Mossbridge Troll, and Ulvenwald Hydra. These creatures (and Grothama of course), in turn fuel other P/T-matters value engines, including Diamond Valley, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds & The Great Henge.

Ultimately, this deck is designed to race. It aims to build a critical mass of creatures and ram damage through, so big mana is just as important as a large grip of cards in hand. The deck is heavy with mana dorks, which serve the triplicate purpose of ramping, providing bodies for overrun-type effects, and giving devotion. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Gaea's Cradle are absolute all-stars in this deck, and I run Deserted Temple to double-down on their effect. From here, it's time to do what mono-Green does best: SMASH. Both commander damage and the good-old-fashioned garden variety are common paths to victory, so if Craterhoof Behemoth or Finale of Devastation isn't in your 50-card hand by this point, tutor that baby up and move your butt to the combat step!


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