This is an attempt to get my fellow host into CEDH. To stop any additional comments, this is a fringe CEDH deck. But thats perfect for his playgroup and gives him something to do vs pub stomped at CEDH tables.

The idea is to win off combat damage and not leaning on infinite turns or drawing the library to win off LabMan paths. So leveraging Urza (needed for all of these) and the cheerio artifacts to get to a couple paths: Path1: Intruder Alarm + Dead Eye Navigator + 1 artifact creatures = Infinite Constructs with Urza Path2: Intruder Alarm + Retrofitter Foundry + 4 artifact creatures = Infinite Servo's with Retro

Now we do have a few potential "win" cards based on our board state: - rise and shine + the amount of non creature artifacts in the deck (35) = Go very wide - masterful replication + the amount of artifacts in the deck (47 + tokens that can be generated) + any of our slam dunk choices (Wurmcoil, Triplicate, Triniform or Blightsteel) = Go very wide but with height! - Mycosynth Lattice + Karn, the Great Creator or tapping Winter Orb before your upkeep= Opponents locked out of game


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