"bands with" combined with Legendary Creatures.

The idea is to get out both the Band lands ( Adventurers' Guildhouse & Cathedral of Serra ), and the Legendary creatures that will be affected by using Captain Sisay . Give these creatures a trample bluff (blanket buff) and stopping the horde is nearly impossible. Or ya' know, just win the game with a bunch of overpowered legendary creatures for obvious reasons without even getting banding onto the field, whichever works. I've included several ways to untap Sisay in order to use her multiple times, ways to cheat creatures onto the field, and ways to give haste.

Banding is an interesting mechanic that doesn't see much (if any) play due to its age and alleged complexity. I know wizards gave up on it, and that many have tried to create decks focused on it but given up too. I thought I might as well try my hand at it and see what I can do. I think the reason that it failed before was because, if you look at the majority of creatures that already have banding, or can give themselves banding, you'll find that they are fairly weak and so, as a result, not able to make use of banding's benefits like spreading damage. This means the end result is the same, that being that they all still get themselves killed. Kind of like giving a 1/1 creature trample. The mechanic wasn't useful on such low toughness creatures, and it's not like there's a large selection to choose from anyway. My plan is to forgo the actual "Banding" mechanic on the creatures for the "Bands with" mechanic as a bluff. That makes the two Band lands essential, this is why I have included non-basic land search cards like Crop Rotation and Sylvan Scrying on top of the regular accelerants. Unfortunately the band lands are NOT legendary lands so Sisay is unable to procure them.


One of the ideal outcomes for this game is to have Sisay in play with multiple untap cards, at least one of the band lands, and Vedalken Orrery . Wait till the end of an opponents turn and then use her as many times as possible to stack your hand with creatures. At least one of them should be Myojin of Life's Web which you can then use to play the rest of the cards.

Note: has not been upgraded since pre-Ixalan and needs to be revamped to incorporate historic spells.


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