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This is my attempt at a wheel deck that aims to mill all opponents through wheels. It mills opponents as a win condition, uses self mill for recursive strategies, and a little stax/pillowfort for protection.

(I am open to suggestions however I do like to stay on a low budget)

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Sevinne, the Chronoclasm was chosen at the helm due to his capability of being a solid protection piece with Pariah and further the goal of the deck through copying wheel cards, Torrential Gearhulk + Wheel and Deal + Sevinne, the Chronoclasm is so satisfying to pull off.

He also can copy spells from the graveyard that have less to do with strategy but have proven to be useful such as, Purify the Grave to remove those pesky eldrazi titans after the trigger or Gaea's Blessing if it wasn't wheeled away, Mystic Retrieval to pull back a wheel card as well as a bounce (bouncing is very satisfying in this deck and works perfect for the strategy) or even just bounce twice with Silent Departure, Artful Dodge for both Dragon Mage and Barbed Shocker, or Sevinne's Reclamation to pull back your little windmills ((Jace's Archivist Dragon Mage Magus of the Wheel)).

This wind farm can be difficult to construct due to the nature of this janky strategy and the low amounts of wheel cards that have been printed. I only use ten as of right now which seems to be plenty. Sevinne is all around versatile and only serves to enhance the deck rather than be focused around him.


The fastest way to create a wind farm is to cheat this out as fast as possible and bring it back as often as necessary. Keep in mind most of these can be used for a plethora of other helpful enchantments like Solemnity if you have Glacial Chasm in hand, tefiri's tutelage or Psychic Corrosion to mill three times faster, or Darksteel Mutation to deal with a threat on the field.


wheel cards are the main focus of the deck. there are various ways to get there so to speak. There are also cards that wheel repeatedly and are windmills all on their own. in this section I will detail each windmill because they are unique and special.

NOTE: some of these will tell players to draw seven and some will tell players to draw cards equal to the greatest number discarded this way, You should always aim to force opponents to draw seven first, then draw cards equal to greatest number discarded after to maximize efficiency.

  • Barbed Shocker// This little windmill works fast and hard. At only four mana he isn't too hard to cast, especially after a good rock or two. Haste sets this one apart from the others. the surprise of hitting an opponent early game is exactly what this deck wants and late game will only help further your wincon. using early bounces or other removal will help let him connect immediatly, see also Artful Dodge.

  • Collective Defiance// This one is mostly just another wheel card. It can also double as creature removal for one more.

  • Dragon Mage// This beast of a windmill packs a punch and continually refills your hand and graveyard to abuse the strategy turn after turn after turn. Flying. the cmc is a bit harsh but wheeling him into the grave then using Breath of Life can speed things up a bit. Even just waiting to be able to hard cast this guy is well worth it in this deck.

  • Incendiary Command// Options are always a good thing and the commands come with two. Choosing to blow up an opponents land and wheeling? yeah I'm a dick. it can also function as small creature removal. I realize the cmc of this deck is a bit high but it is casual and running talismans/sol ring/command signet can get you there early enough.

  • Jace's Archivist// This is one of the more powerful cards in this deck. It doesn't attack so no need to worry about blockers, and it only cost one blue mana to activate. it only cost three to play and the double blue doesnt hurt too bad considering all the fixing from raugrin or command artifacts/lands.

  • Magus of the Wheel// The mana cost and activation cost being cheap help this guy out a lot. using recurring cards like Breath of Life/Profound Journey/Sevinne's Reclamation allow this to be abused often and in conjunction with other more helpful things. This is one you have to use wisely of course, sometimes waiting until you have recursion is when to use him. with Profound Journey you can activate him in response to the rebound trigger and recur him back, so recur him by hard casting Profound Journey then on the upkeep sac him in response to the rebound trigger, then resolve the rebound trigger casting Profound Journey targeting Magus of the Wheel. with Sevinne's Reclamation you can target two things if you cast from the graveyard, three with Sevinne, the Chronoclasm on the battlefield, the copy that Sevinne, the Chronoclasm makes doesn't come from the graveyard so it doesn't target two permanents. targeting both Magus of the Wheel and Psychic Corrosion is enough of a threat to keep your opponents on edge, adding a distraction or protection piece works out here too, such as propanganda to keep oppenents creatures at bay, Memory Erosion to mill your opponents for daring to cast a spell, or Pariah to utilize Sevinne, the Chronoclasm as effectively as possible.

  • Reforge the Soul// Miracle is wonderful when you are on the draw. This card is fairly self explanatory. it does what it needs to and can be brought back with Mystic Retrieval.

  • Runehorn Hellkite// Another dragon! Although this time the goal is to get it in the graveyard. At six mana this isn't great, however activating this at instant speed to disrupt opponents is useful. This can be used well after you dump your hand from Omniscience after casting another wheel card like the previously mentioned Reforge the Soul. I have used this as a blocker before, 5/5 with flying isn't bad for six, then with Altar of Dementia saccing this to mill for five before you wheel is a useful interaction, again all at instant speed.

  • Wheel and Deal// Instant speed to disrupt opponents is perfect. Torrential Gearhulk can target this, It is the only wheel that Torrential Gearhulk is able to target. Sevinne, the Chronoclasm can copy this in conjuction with Torrential Gearhulk so this is the most powerful play I can think of besides Omniscience wheeling into more wheels and casting all the mill cards in between wheeling.Treasure Mage is included in the deck for the sole purpose of fetching Torrential Gearhulk when Wheel and Deal is in the graveyard.

  • Windfall// The idea of windmills came from both milling and casting windfall effects, making this the origin of windmilling. I thought, hey I want to spam this effect repeatedly until everyone draws out. This is one of those cards mentioned that only draws cards equal to the greatest number discarded. With its low cmc that shouldn't be a huge problem, I don't expect much out of a 3 drop. It allows you to refill your hand even if you don't get much out of it.


Removal is a big part of every deck. the key is low cost bounces right before a wheel, low to mid cost removal for when you aren't wheeling, and board wipes to level things out. keep in mind all of the low cost removal spells, mostly targeted like Silent Departure, Swords to Plowshares, and Call to Heel can be fetched with Spellseeker! Also running multiple board wipes is essential since you may be wheeling them away at some point.


  • Void Snare is a low cost unrestrictive bounce card. adding one manna to remove a nonland permanent before activating Runehorn Hellkite or casting Wheel and Deal is too good to pass up. early game it delays a problem for a turn. mid game it adds a card to Jace's Archivist or Windfall so you can draw more cards.

  • Silent Departure is a low cost bounce that has flashback. with sevinne on the field this can quickly bounce back three creatures, first from the hand for 1 then from the graveyard for 5 and copied with sevinne.

  • Call to Heel I personally love this card. It lets your opponents draw a card, which brings you one card closer to milling them out. that card draw could also just be swept away with Windfall discarding the creature that was bounced as well. this also helps add a card to the opponents hand for Windfall and others.

Targeted removal

  • Swords to Plowshares is the best removal card ever! This is better in mill because you don't have to worry about your opponents life totals. one mana to exile a creature is just about the best you can get. removing an opponents Laboratory Maniac is crucial at any point in the game.

  • Disenchant is cheap and targets enchantments or artifacts. this is important to include due to it's versatility and cheaper casting cost, allowing it to be fetched with Spellseeker and easily cast early game. this can deal with something pesky like Stranglehold, Lawmage's Binding, Curse of Misfortunes, or any other aggravating card that slows you down or hurts you.

  • Fury Charm not only helps with that Lost Auramancers line mentoined earlier, but also can Obliterate an opponents artifact like Winter Orb, Contagion Engine, or Trinisphere. these things are so annoying you have to try to answer them somehow, even if it means not using the time counter ability.

board wipes

  • Supreme Verdict doesn't fold to control players and blows up all the creatures, well except blightsteel collosus but whatever, that's what Swords to Plowshares is for anyway.

  • Wrath of God is the next best thing to Supreme Verdict. It can be countered away but it only cost four so I'll take it

  • Cleansing Nova has options! I like options! as I've been mentioning, there are plenty of annoying artifacts, enchantments, and creatures. This is by far the nicest board wipe in the deck!


The stax and pillowfort cards here are mostly to keep you alive. Nothing should really impact your opponents too much so you don't paint a target on your head. Things that make it harder to attack or hurt you is very important here. propanganda and Ghostly Prison or the Pariah/Sevinne, the Chronoclasm combo.

Needs work

(I'm considering taking out Rift Elemental , Timecrafting , Solemnity , Glacial Chasm , Treasure Mage , and Mindslaver.) I'm not sure how I will replace these yet. most likely with more mill, stax, and/or wheels (if anything pops up). Also cutting it down to 35 land and adding some cheap card draw.


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