Lawmage's Binding

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Lawmage's Binding

Enchantment — Aura


Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block, and its activated abilities can't be activated.

9-lives on

5 months ago

Got rid of Lawmage's Binding. Need a wincon with all of these counterspells. Hardly ever had in my hand Thing in the Ice  Flip early enough. Izzet Charm was great for draw, and Deliberate has amazing art as well as great for drawing. Azorius Charm I'm not sure about. Senate Guildmage was lots of fun, but is really not that great.

9-lives on

7 months ago


I'm definitely playing a Budget deck. Monastery Mentor is wayyyy too expensive, haha. And I'm not sure what I'm playing, it's generally a competition, but not an actual tournament, and I don't know if the other players are just playing casual decks or not. I want to win of course, but I'm not going to try to buy the newest best deck possible.

Counterspells are, to me, the most frustrating to face and the most satisfying to play, especially ones that tie up their mana, and when they are played early and the opponent can't afford it makes the mana cost doubly better. I'd love to run Mana Leak! Should I run Izzet Charm at all? The drawing power is what attracts me most, and it's ilke a two colored Mana Leak, but it makes the opponent pay 1 less mana... I don't know if it's a good card or not.

IF I go with a major aikido theme, without having cards that have copy, what could I use? I love being able to 'reflect' damage, it's a really cool and fun concept and generally isn't played much. Hence my love for Boros Reckoner and Deflecting Palm.

And I am using Shock and Lightning Strike because they're like a cheaper damage-for-damage Ionize and Boros Reckoner respectively, but they cost less mana, and I already have these cards without having to buy them. In this fashion, should I run Illusory Wrappings or Slither Blade? The former would be great for Izzet Charm and it's like a Lawmage's Binding but weakens the creature, and I think the latter is a great card for continuous 1 damage.

Peoni on I wanna play your stuff too

2 years ago

2 cards I think you should really consider running: Head Games and Zur's Weirding.

You should also consider running more mana rocks like Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, and Fellwar Stone. Then probably look to swap out your lands that come in tapped with either basics or other lands that don't come in tapped that fit into your budget.

Next I would advise you to think about what you want your deck to do. I feel like a lot of the cards in this list don't necessarily fit the overall strategy and lack synergy with other parts of your deck. For example, why are you running cards like Shark Typhoon, Council's Judgment, Omniscience, and Leyline of Anticipation? How do they fit into your commander's strategy? Also think about cards that you could improve on. I can tell you want to incorporate some sort of stax/pillowforty element into your deck with cards like Lawmage's Binding and Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer, but there are better cards we could swap these out for like Ghostly Prison to complement your Propaganda and Crawlspace to limit the amount of hitters coming at you. Looking at your current list it feels like you want to make this into a deck that wins and doesn't care about the fun of others (after all you're playing Sen Triplets), so look to improve your existing picks and ask yourself what your cards do to further your strategy.

Finally, take out Deafening Silence and Meddling Mage. The latter hurts what you're trying to do a lot. You'll only be able to use people's hands to a limited degree and it just slows the game down a lot in general without helping you win. The former just doesn't do enough when you could just cast their threatening spell yourself to get rid of it.

Good luck with this deck! I hope it comes out to your liking and I hope I was of some assistance. :^)

WanderingSpirit on Click here if I can have your name.

2 years ago

Daedalus19876: I definitely plan on making a better mana base for the deck, including replacing the Temple, Bauble, and Geode for the reasons you listed.

All That Glitters is definitely more at home in voltron, so cutting it makes sense.

Lawmage's Binding is easy enough to deal with, so I see why that would go.

Faerie Seer was honestly still there because I was concerned about the CMC, so no problem about cutting it out.

I could see Latchkey Faerie not holding it's own if I was going for stax/taxes into alpha strike.

I am wondering about the rationale for removing Estrid's Invocation, though.

You've helped out quite a bit! Looks like I should do some brewing.

Daedalus19876 on Click here if I can have your name.

2 years ago

WanderingSpirit: My initial cuts would be Temple of the False God (card is bad), decreasing the number of tapped lands, All That Glitters, Estrid's Invocation, Dire Undercurrents (I'd rather run Reconnaissance Mission, for example), Lawmage's Binding, Mana Geode (3-mana rocks with no upside are not my favorites), Wayfarer's Bauble (slow ramp), Faerie Seer (disappointing here, compared to your other creatures), and Latchkey Faerie (only worth it if you can pay prowl cost, which you rarely can here).

AjMcGamer on Jeskai Standard Control

2 years ago

Hey welcome to the world of control.

You would probably want to think about more counterspell Dovin's Veto and Absorb are good options if you have them. Teferi, Time Raveler protects you from opposing countermagic.

Ways to deal with threats that do get through such as Banishing Light, Elspeth Conquers Death or Lawmage's Binding work well here.

I dont really see a control deck with what you have here. You could refine it into a more jeskai tempo style deck, focused on dealing with their early threats while building your own board to swing with.

Your other option is to look at other control decks in the meta and see what they are using to control and dictate the pace of the games they play.

Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa recently won the world championships with an azorious control deck that in my opinion is about as optimized as UW control can be right now.

I hope this helps, be warned though, if you make a successful control deck your friends will dislike you lol, comes with the territory.

Venara828 on Tuvasa Control Voltron

2 years ago

I'll probably look into getting some of those cards. I do have a Lawmage's Binding in the deck already tho. When I'm able to, I'll probably switch out some of the stax for more card draw but I'm not sure atm. Trying to work on an Eight-and-a-Half-Tails deck atm sadly

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