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Built this Dinosaur tribal deck because... life finds a way. The goal is to ramp into Gishath, Sun's Avatar as quickly as possible and swing to start dropping free dinosaurs onto the battlefield.

  1. Herald's Horn
  2. Garruk's Uprising
  3. Elemental Bond
  4. Rishkar's Expertise
  5. Earthshaker Dreadmaw
  6. War Room
  7. Ripjaw Raptor

Herald's Horn Is not direct card draw but it allows you to draw off of the top of your deck without counting as your draw step, paired with Oracke if Mul Daya this is a great way to stack your hand or help prepare the top of your deck for a hit from Gishath, Sun's Avatar.

  1. Creature Damage
  2. World at War

The primary goal is to win with combat damage or commander damage.


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