Welcome all to my next knight deck, Beyond the Grave (Abzan). I actually have two version of this deck posted (Beyond the Grave (Mardu)) as splashing or drastically change the dynamic of the decks. The splash provides me access to cards like Collected Company/Eldritch Evolution and Fauna Shaman/Fiend Artisan to search the deck for Haakon, Stromgald Scourge or get the right creatures out onto the field while the Mardu version focuses more on Madness and purposely placing cards in the graveyard.

The main driver for this deck is to get Haakon, Stromgald Scourge onto the field early to maximize his ability of resurrecting knights. Unlike the when I splash , that relies heavily on discard abilities and the synergy that allows, this version focuses more creature cheat.


  1. Blacklance Paragon - The thought with adding Blacklance Paragon is to flash him in for his deathtouch and Lifelink. Even if I lose creatures, I should be able to yank them back freely under ideal conditions or during longer games allowing me to swing loosely with Blacklance.

  2. Breathless Knight - Has the potential to be an absolute beast in this deck thanks to the reanimate synergy. On top of that, provides me some lifelink and some evasion with flying.

  3. Corpse Knight - With the removal of Knight Exemplar and the idea of swinging freely with knights to land them in the graveyard only to be recast, I wanted to see how Corpse Knight felt in this. The deck has lots of ways to land creatures in the graveyard and subsequently introduce creatures back to the field so this could be a nice way to wear down opponents who perhaps prevent conventional damage though annoying means.

  4. Dauntless Bodyguard - I love the synergy that Dauntless Bodyguard can add to the deck as I can sack him endless time and just recast him from the graveyard to add some invincibility if needed. If Breathless Knight and Corpse Knight are in play, that can be a deadly combo!

  5. Fiend Artisan - A recent addition that replaced Fauna Shaman. Fauna Shaman was nice but I disliked how it only tutored a creature to my hand while Fiend Artisan brings it straight to the field at the expense of another creature. I also like that unlike Fauna Shaman, Fiend Artisan can become a viable combat threat adding some additional pressure.

  6. Haakon, Stromgald Scourge - Is the king of this deck. The deck can function without him fine but it is really just stalling until I find a way to play him. Running a full playset to increase the odds of finding him naturally but I do have a few ways to force him out as well.

  7. Knight of Autumn - Is a nice utility option for me depending on the situation as she provides me my only artifact/enchantment removal which can be crucial, some extra life, or just a nice 4/3 creature depending on the situation. I was running a full playset but decided to move a single copy to the side to make room for Aether Vial.

  8. Midnight Reaper - A recent addition over Knight Exemplar. The idea here is that I can recast knights if the deck is working correctly so Indestructability is not really needed but as creatures die or are sacrificed, I can get some extra draws at the expense of health.

Artifacts & Enchantments

  1. Aether Vial - I included three copies of this as it is a way to directly get Haakon, Stromgald Scourge but again, I do not want this to be the only way. If nothing else, it provides me some free creature flashing which is also nice.

  2. Evolutionary Leap was recently added in place of Pyre of Heroes. The idea here would be to sacrifice creatures that are the targets of removal spells or that will be on the losing end of combat to "search" the deck for another creature to cast. With the low cost single mana cost required to activate the ability, I think it will fit that role nicely.


  1. Bone Shards - Provides me cheap removal with a way to discard. Considering dropping this for something else as I do not need the discard ability as bad as the other version of the deck and sacrifice is ok in this deck but not essential.

  2. Collected Company - One of my favorite cards finds its way into a deck again! Not quite as direct as Fauna Shaman in terms of searching for a specific creature but this does allow me the ability to search the deck for Haakon and cheat him onto the field. With the number of creatures I have in the deck currently, I have about a 75% of hitting two creatures with Collected Company which is a little low. Thus, I may drop this to three copies to add in something more direct like an additional copy of Fauna Shaman but will need some playtesting to make that determination.

  3. Nameless Inversion - Is the main removal for this deck. With its Changeling ability, it technically is considered a "Knight" and then therefore be cast over and over again as long as I have mana to burn, essentially unlimited Flashback!

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