Born of the unholy union between an Ancient Cephalid and an Abyssal Gatekeeper, Heliogabale is the Lord of Mazes and Labyrinths of which he commands the creatures, traps, and walls.

You think you know pain? "Those who will not follow are doomed to lead." - Anarchist

I am a player first but also a collector. I hoard foils and promos, as reflected by my deck lists. I mostly enjoy casual multiplayer Commander with my friends, and the occasional Modern event at a LGS. I have to rebuild my Cube so I can start hosting events again.

My favourite archetypes are creature-based: Aggro, Tribal, Voltron and Battlecruisers. I also enjoy the odd Group Slug.

Please feel free to comment on my decks, constructive feedback is most welcome and will be reciprocated.

The Heart Of The Labyrinth

”Welcome, adventurer.
You have found the center of the Labyrinth!
Don’t get carried away, this is but the beginning of your journey.
From here, you can access many Kingdoms. Choose, but choose wisely.
Where would you like to go today? “

A series of doors adorned with etched nameplates and colorful gems are phasing in and out of this plane before your eyes. Select the portal you wish to open below.

”We have been waiting for you.”

You exit a stone doorway, startled by the calm but loud, heavily accented voice of a welcoming gentleman. As he leads the way, you struggle to assess your bearings. You are standing outside a military tent, at dusk. Remnant of a blood red sun is carving the outline of a surreal landscape. You turn slowly, and find yourself facing Edgar Markov, seated in a large wooden chair covered in luxurious fabrics and polishing a large blade.

As the sun sets completely, you feel shifting behind you, and without looking you know you are surrounded. As a sharp pain erupts from your neck, a beautiful woman in an ornate dress glides towards you, offering a warm, thick drink.

”It is an honor to be welcomed into our family. Now let’s get you suited up for this battle. Welcome to The Partnership!”

The Partnership | Edgar Markov
Nothing lies beyond this door, but the infinite void of space. Panicked, you mean to pull away from the portal, but there is nowhere left to return to, as the outer space seeped into the maze. Emerging from the darkness, basked in colorful lighs Jodah, Archmage Eternal is smiling with an extended hand.

“You have unraveled the very fabric of the Multiverse. Now I will teach you how to weave it into life anew, and eternal.”

Mesmerized by the shimmering Fist of Suns, you emerge in the Crystal Quarry, wondering how you got there, but ready to learn The Music Of The Spheres.

Music of the Spheres | Jodah, Archmage Eternal

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The Partnership | Edgar Markov

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