I just love the feeling that Naya has when considered as a whole, the wild natural forces at work and the strange supernatural order that holds them together.

In this deck I have focused on creatures of power 5 or more to optimize the Commander's ability as well as these of cards like Mayael's Aria and Mycoid Shepherd while also being great for the Fight abilities of Gruul Ragebeast.

Auras play an important support role in this deck and can make a card like Uril, the Miststalker into an incredible threat.

Finally, I set myself the restriction to have as little humanoids as possible depicted in this deck's art, and some cards were selected for this reason. I am trying to have this deck give a strong animal vibe.

Note that this deck is played in a multiplayer environment that includes Gentleman's rules such as bans on infinite combos and Sol Ring.


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