I played a little Magic around 99' (I remember sketching Bear Cub for a grade 7 art project) and then came back to the wonderful world of MTG January, 2018.

A local playgroup soon developed and we naturally moved into EDH, with appreciation for the ease of entry for singleton, and the depth of engagement plus the creative aspects of the format.

I'm a systems thinker and, learning to apply that framework to this world is tons of fun! I currently find myself attracted to exploring the combination of flavour and function. I naturally tend to build for heavy synergy as that's how I think. Just going "function" seems to lead to the same ol' cards everyone else is playing, but flavour gives a nice creative challenge and character to the decks.

I love the experience of getting the ideas, making the assumptions on synergies and sequencing and then playing it out with the cards interacting with each other; seeing the deck come to life with everyone else's decks after it just existing in my head is one of my favourite experiences in magic!

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Thanks Deadpoo111. I've got another madness deck which isn't held back by the vampire theme where I include Archfiend of Ifnir (amazing) and had Shadow of the Grave (though replaced it with Garna for the haste and lowering of the power level). Skirge Familiar would be great, I'll try him down the road but he's committed to my Gitrog right now as is Bone Miser. I also have Chainer in my other Marchessa Madness. Here's that deck

This one is more of a fun side project specifically committed to the Vampire theme, with a unique take that abuses Marchessa's +1/+1. The more on theme each card can be the better. In this case Olivia's Dragoon would be a great addition, to minimize the amount of non-vampire themed discards I have to include. Insolent Neonate didn't make the cut before because it was a one time use, but after you reposting it I've reconsidered. Of course it could work considering Marchesa's ability! It'd be slow, once a turn, but no slower than Merfolk Looter without untapped effects, and potentially faster if I got a Cordial Vampire out and another sac engine. Then it could be every turn as sacrificing another vampire to cordial would put a +1/+1 counter on Neonate, sac/discard/draw with neonate, then when they both return, I could sac a third to put counters on both, then sac Neonate again. Nice, fun tech!

Vampire themed everything! What else you got?

December 9, 2019 8:01 p.m.

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Don't think I've seen Havengul Lich , that's wicked! Love it. Is Keiga, the Tide Star to high on the curve? Both that and Hostage Taker are excellent if you can recur them.

December 7, 2019 2:27 p.m.

I've been dreaming up a 3colour madness deck, one that's mainly goodstuff and creative, and this one... a vampire tribal deck. Vampire or not, Marchessa was at the helm with perfect synergy.

When WotC announced they were releasing a madness deck, I knew it was going to be with the 3 colour commander I needed. Then it wasn't. So back to building my Marchessa vampire madness deck.

I need help talking things out and coming up with creative ways to keep this unique but "presentable" at a better-than-precon table.

December 7, 2019 2:23 p.m.


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