Fully foiled/altered Saffi hatebears combo. Matching plains and forests for maximum value.

Abuse sacrificing your own permanents, and then kill everyone else.
The deck relies on sacrifice loops with Saffi Eriksdotter to generate infinite activations of one of a few key sac outlets - Blasting Station, Altar of Dementia, or one of the Mana Altars. You sacrifice Saffi targeting a creature that can reanimate her, sacrifice the creature to whichever outlet you chose and use the reanimated creature to bring back Saffi as well. Then you just repeat this loop until you win, ideally.

Renegade Rallier has been huge for the deck, since it makes the straight-to-play creature tutors even more powerful at lower mana costs.

Since it's a bit of a slower combo than a lot of the popular, more competitive combos, the deck relies on a suite of hatebears and staxy effects to hold the rest of the table back juuust long enough to go off. I've personally been very happy with the results.

The deck is 100% foiled or altered. There are a handful of cards I'd still rather have altered instead of in foil, but that's a project in progress.


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