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Night of the Living Robots v2 | Feldon EDH

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Discard Mono-Red Reanimator


This is a revisited and reworked version of Night of the Living Robots, which I made a while back! This is a semi-budget deck, which means that I tried to keep the average card price not counting basic lands around $1. Exceptions are made to cards that are particularly powerful in this deck, e.g. Ashnod's Altar and Skullclamp, which can float around the $5 range.

The goal of this deck is to fill your graveyard with creatures, then use Feldon of the Third Path's activated ability to replicate their corpses for your own nefarious needs. This can be repeated each turn to amass board presence and resource advantage, as well as overwhelm your opponents' blockers with bulky creatures and tokens that linger between turns.

This deck mainly wins through the value game, endlessly building on your resources while depriving your opponents of theirs'. However, if you have the chance, there are a few cards and combos present that can either create a huge swing in your favor or win the game outright.

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The acquire board is for cards that would make the deck better, but are out of the deck's price range.



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